Magical Ape MS

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Magical Ape MS (Metal Skill)
Number: MA-18
System: HMS
Type: Defense
Languages: English|français|italiano

Magical Ape MS is the third Beyblade in the Gimmick Specialty Series.

Bit Protector (BP): Ape Emblem

The Bit Protector of this Beyblade is Ape Emblem. It is the third mold version of Bit Protectors.

Attack Ring (AR): Metal Ape

  • Weight: 20 grams

Metal Ape is quite circular in form and the rim of the metal frame surrounds the perimeter of the AR, with only a small amount of the ABS Caul jutting past it. When looking at Metal Ape, its size difference in comparison to other HMS ARs becomes apparent. This is because Metal Ape is the smallest HMS AR ever created, and this along with its centralized weight distribution give it an extremely high spin velocity. This alone immediately makes it one of the top choices in Compact customs, but along with the high spin velocity it also exhibits some Attack attributes through the six protrusions surrounding the metal frame and the edges of the ABS Caul which jut past the metal frame. These attributes are enhanced by its high spin velocity and thus give it enough power to take out lightweight Endurance customs.

While Metal Ape may have inferior Attack abilities compared to its Compact contemporaries, Jiraiya MS's Jiraiya Blade and Einstein MS's Metal Spring, it is more compact than Jiraiya Blade and does not suffer the recoil that Metal Spring is known for.

Use in Compact Customization

Metal Ape is the most compact AR in the HMS series, and arguably the best for Compact customs. CWD Defense Ring helps maintain its high spin velocity, while simultaneously protecting from Upper Attack, which already gets neutralized by the strong balance this customization has. Using Metal Change Core allows you to choose a moving or stationary movement pattern depending on the situation.

Weight Disk (WD): Circle Heavy

See Circle Heavy.

Running Core (RC): Flat Core

  • Weight: 2 grams

Note: The Flat Core in Magical Ape MS was slightly redesigned to accommodate a screw in the centre. This does not affect Flat Core's performance or weight in any noticeable way.

Flat Core was one of the first Attack-based Running Cores released, but quickly became severely outdated with the release of Dragoon MS and its Grip Flat Core. It provides decent movement, but there is absolutely no reason to choose it over the numerous other options available now (Grip Flat Core (Ultimate Version), Metal Flat Core, Metal Weight Grip Core, etc).

Battle Mode

Battle Mode is simply Metal Ape, Circle Heavy, and Flat Core put together like a normal HMS Beyblade.

Gyro Mode

As part of the Gimmick Specialty Series, Magical Ape MS must have some sort of gimmick, and Gyro Mode is that gimmick. Gyro Mode makes use of the Gyro Adapter which is made up of an outer shell (or “Armor”, as Takara calls it) that encloses a metal shaft with two metal bearings and a cog which the G-Winder is inserted into for launching, instead of the Dual Shooter. Spin direction is determined by the side the G-Winder is inserted into. The Gyro Adapter has a plastic semi-flat tip and also holds an HMS AR to work as a WD in Gyro Mode.

Gyro Mode's endurance is not very impressive with its lack of NSK shield bearings, but its almost perfect circular form and the gyro gimmick itself gives Gyro Mode strong defensive abilities along with the fact that in battle, Gyro Mode will be able to absorb hits from other Beyblades because it is made entirely of plastic. In theory, the gyro gimmick comes into play as Gyro Mode loses its balance, yet is able to continue spinning for longer than other Beyblades would be able to with much of their balance lost. However, in reality, Gyro Mode itself is not competitively viable, perhaps due to the fact that it uses metal bearings instead of NSK shield bearings.

Gyro Mode's gimmick outside of battle relies on the three interchangeable tips that can be inserted into the top hole of the armor, to perform various tricks, such as spinning it upside down.

HMS AR Compatibility

Not all ARs are compatible with Gyro Mode, the following ARs do not work properly for this mode:

Of the ARs that are compatible, Wolborg MS's Wolf Crusher is the best choice for Gyro Mode due to its weight distribution which enhances the effect of the gyro gimmick.

Plastic AR Compatibility

The plastic AR of Gyro Mode has an extremely unique cross-series compatibility; it can be interchanged with most plastic generation ARs. The best use for this is to add weight to Gyro Mode; the plastic AR of Gyro Mode is 4 grams, so that means you can potentially add on another 4 grams by switching to a heavier plastic generation AR (the heaviest of them is 8 grams), which is quite significant for Defense types.

The Gyro Mode plastic AR has limited compatibility with plastic generation Beyblades; it can only be placed on a Beyblade that does not need a shooter to be launched. This allows it only to be placed on Flame Pegasus or Capricorne Strike G (only released by Hasbro), however, as placing these Beyblades into battle in the same fashion as Magical Ape MS's Gyro Mode is illegal, it is not possible to use this AR legally.

Ruling Clarification

  • It is illegal to replace the metal bearings on the shaft in Gyro Mode with NSK shield bearings; though, it does increase its endurance significantly.
  • You may not use the three interchangeable Gimmick tips.
  • Because Gyro Mode is not shot, but placed, you must place the Gyro Mode at the Tornado Ridge of the BeyStadium. If the BeyStadium does not have a Tornado Ridge, you must place it approximately 3 cm from the edge of the BeyStadium wall during the word “Shoot!” in the “3..2..1.. Go Shoot!” countdown.



The tricks Magical Ape MS can perform are fun, but the reason to buy it is for Metal Ape. It is one of the, if not the best Compact HMS AR available, and while it is not a totally necessary addition, it certainly does not hurt to have it in your collection.