Jiraiya MS

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Jiraiya MS (Metal Spirits)
Number: MA-22
System: HMS
Type: Survival
Languages: English|français|italiano

Name Change

Jiraiya MS was released by Hasbro as Bearing Survivor MS.

Bit Protector (BP): Jiraiya Emblem

The Bit Protector of this Beyblade is Jiraiya Emblem. It is the third mould version of Bit Protectors. It is the tightest version; there is almost no room between the BP and AR.

Attack Ring (AR): Jiraiya Blade

  • Weight: 22 grams

Jiraiya Blade is a deceptively useful AR. It equals Samurai Changer MS's Samurai Upper AR in weight, making it also the heaviest AR in the HMS series. The weight distribution is on the outside due to the metal frame being on the perimeter. On the outside of the metal frame are small metal spikes with Smash Attack capability.

In addition to the heavy weight caused by its thick metal frame, Jiraiya Blade has another attribute that works very well with this weight; its size. It is just a little larger than Magical Ape MS's Metal Ape, the smallest AR in the HMS series. This gives Jiraiya Blade great spin velocity. You can replace Metal Ape with it in your Compact combo to add more Attack ability, and add it to other types of combos to add spin velocity and Attack ability.

Use in Smash Attack Customization

Generally, Smash Attack combos rely on high movement speed for their power. However, with Jiraiya Blade you can substitute high movement speed with high spin velocity. Using Metal Change Core, you can have this Beyblade remain stationary and hit with its high spin velocity, or make it move quickly for damage using high movement speed.

Use in Survival Customization

You can also use this AR to add some Attack ability and spin velocity to your Survival-based combos:

Weight Disk (WD): CWD Free Cross

CWD Free Cross is a free-spinning CWD with a circular shape and four spikes sticking out of it, resembling a ninja star. This CWD doesn't have any real usage.

Running Core (RC): Bearing Core 2

  • Weight: 4 grams

Bearing Core 2 is the successor to Wolborg 2's SG Bearing Version 2. It is essentially the same design as Wolborg MS's Bearing Core, except that instead of having a plastic tip, it has a hard rubber tip to add Defense ability. The plastic casing of the RC appears to be the same mold, but the tip design makes Bearing Core 2 slightly taller than Bearing Core.

The rubber itself is slightly hard and more similar to the rubber used on Dragoon MF's Metal Weight Grip Flat Core rather than the Grip Flat Cores of Dragoon MS and Dragoon MS UV. This allows it to keep more Survival ability than a softer rubber would, but also decreases the Defense ability drastically.

In Tornado Balance Type S, it's impossible to use Bearing Core for Survival-types. The smaller stadium makes it too easy to knock out. If you need to use a bearing tip in this stadium, you should use Bearing Core 2. However, even in that situation this RC may not have enough Defense to survive powerful attackers. However, for beating strong Attack Bladers in larger stadiums, this RC is a great choice.

Use in Survival/Defense Customization

You can build good Survival and Defense-type Beyblades with this RC. Here are some examples:

This is not an exhaustive list of strong combos that can be built with Bearing Core 2. You should try your own combinations and see what works best for you.

Tuning: Tip Condition

  • Mint Condition: A mint condition tip will have more Survival ability, but less Defense. It should be used to defeat less aggressive Beyblades. In Tornado Balance Type S, mint condition's Defense-ability will generally be too low to withstand attacks. You should consider using Wolborg MS's Bearing Core for situations where a mint tip seems appropriate.
  • Worn Condition: You can wear down Bearing Core 2's tip quickly through natural play. A worn down tip will have more Defense ability. Generally, for situations where Bearing Core 2 is a better choice than Bearing Core, a worn tip will work better.

Other Versions


Jiraiya MS - Original Version


Jiraiya MS is a good package. Although CWD Free Cross is a useless CWD, Jiraiya Blade has some niche use among Compact-type Beyblades. However, the main feature of Jiraiya MS is Bearing Core 2. While it may not be as large of a staple as Wolborg MS's Bearing Core, it is not meant to be; whereas Wolborg MS is the Survival king, Bearing Core 2 serves a very niche purpose and it serves it well. If you want to play Survival against skilled Attack Bladers, this RC is a perfect choice. Every Blader should own multiples of this Beyblade.