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Riger Emblem, the Bit Protector from Slash Riger MS

The Heavy Metal System introduced many new concepts compared to the first generation of Beyblades, one of them being the Bit Protector. As explained in the HMS article, the Bit Protector (BP) plays a much larger role in the assembly of a Beyblade than the Bit Chip did on plastic Beyblades. It is the “screw” that holds together the Beyblade, and what the Dual Shooter latches onto when preparing to launch.

For more information on the components and assembly of HMS Beyblades, please see the HMS article .

Bit Protector Molds

Throughout the life of HMS, BPs were generally the same, however, as time went on Takara released newer Beyblades, with new Bit Protector molds. Takara produced three different molds during HMS’s production, they are as follows:

  • 1st:

Gaia Dragoon MS
Dragoon MS
Dranzer MS
Driger MS
Draciel MS
Einstein MS
Wyvern DJ
Dragoon MS UV
Death Gargoyle MS
Wolborg MS

  • 2nd:

Advance Averazer
Advance Guardian
Advance Striker
Advance Eterner
Phantom Fox MS
Dark Leopard MS
Magical Ape MS
Round Shell MS
Samurai Changer MS
Thunder Dragon
Sea Dragon
Dragoon MF
Dranzer MF

  • 3rd:

Jiraiya MS
Aero Knight MS
Bloody Devil MS
Shining God MS
Slash Riger MS

Note: While Takara produced all three different molds, it is unsure how many Hasbro made. Due to the low profile and shorter run of Hasbro HMS, we are only able to discern two different molds. However the possibility of there being three still exists and further information is required.

Differences Between Molds

The first mold, produced in most of the original HMS releases, is loose; this results in an unstable Beyblade with lowered spin velocity. The second mold, is tighter than the first and was the most produced of the three molds. The third mold, only produced in four Beyblades is the most stable and tightest, with very little room between the BP and AR.

Mold Uses

Generally, using the tightest BP is the best choice. It makes the parts fit more snugly, not allowing them to rattle during battle. The first mold can be used for wobbler combinations, as the looseness contributes to the wobbling, but what it loses from this (stability and spin velocity) are far most costly in a battle situation.

Running Protector

The Running Protector is a special part that was only released in Round Shell MS for it's gimmick, running mode. For more information on the Running Protector, please see the Round Shell MS article.

Bloody Devil MS/Shining God MS Special Bit Protector

The special feature of Bloody Devil MS's Shooter Change Core Alpha, and Shining God MS's Shooter Change Core Gamma allows for a WD to be placed on the underside of the RC, and thus a special Bit Protector with a hole punched through the middle (for the tip to fit through) was produced to be used on the bottom of the RC, to hold in the WD.


Having all three different Bit Protector molds is essential for any serious Beyblade player; the difference they give may seem minuscule, but that's what it comes down to in serious matches.