Bloody Devil MS

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Bloody Devil MS (Metal Satan)
Number: MA-23
System: HMS
Type: Attack
Languages: English|français|italiano

Bloody Devil MS is the second last Beyblade in the Gimmick Specialty Series, and the second last Beyblade released in the HMS, with Shining God MS being the last of both. Its gimmick is mode change.

Bit Protector (BP): Bloody Devil Emblem

The Bit Protector of this Beyblade is the Bloody Devil Emblem. It is the third mold version of Bit Protectors.

Attack Ring (AR): Devil Crusher

  • Weight: 19 grams

Devil Crusher is used for Upper Attack in right-spin and Smash in left-spin. In this way, it is quite similar to Dragoon MF's Upper Dragon and Phantom Fox MS's Upper Fox, but because of the shape of its ABS Caul the Smash is not nearly as powerful. The shape of Devil Crusher's ABS Caul in combination with its Metal Frame makes it very circular in shape, and because of this, in left-spin it can be used effectively in Defense customizations; though there are better options available. In right spin, the acute angled slopes of Devil Crusher's Metal Frame are clearly meant to be used for Upper Attack and even have an added bit of Smash Attack at the base of their slopes. In either direction, Devil Crusher has three small protrusions on each side of the ABS Caul, which help shave away a marginal amount of spin away from opponents.

All of this being said, there are a number of better choices out there for both Defense and Upper Attack purposes.

Shared Metal Frame

Devil Crusher shares the same Metal Frame as both Upper Dragon from Dragoon MF, and Upper Fox from Phantom Fox MS.

Use in Upper Attack Customization

Devil Crusher can be used as a substitute for ARs such as Samurai Upper when they are not available.

  • AR: Devil Crusher (Bloody Devil MS)
  • WD: CWD Defense Ring (Sea Dragon)
  • RC: Metal Weight Grip Core (Dragoon MF)

Weight Disk (WD): CWD Devil Saucer

  • Weight: 17 grams

CWD Devil Saucer has a wide attack range, even bigger than most HMS ARs. Its wide attack range can be attributed to the eight large spikes surrounding its perimeter. Because it is free-spinning, CWD Devil Saucer's intended purpose is to shave away endurance from the opposing Beyblade, but in practicality however, it does more damage to the Beyblade it is being used on than the opposition. The fact that it is moving means that the various attack points will always be moving when hitting the opposing Beyblade and will never make a severe enough blow. This CWD is not viable for any competitive situation.

Running Core (RC): Shooter Change Core Alpha

  • Weight: 6 grams

Shooter Change Core Alpha is one of the most unique RC's ever released. On a normal Beyblade, the WD is always placed just below the AR, and on top of the RC, but on Shooter Change Core Alpha, it is positioned on the bottom of the RC. Because of this, there is space between the AR and RC, and that space enables Upper Attack CWDs such as Phantom Fox MS's CWD Circle Attacker to be used in Upper Mode.

Along with this is the fact that the weight of a Beyblade using this RC will be more focused towards the stadium floor than on any other Beyblade. This can be advantageous to Defense oriented customizations as their main purpose is to be able to hold their ground while being attacked. However, with this advantage, comes a disadvantage; because the WD is so close to the ground, and the RC itself is not very tall, if it is knocked off balance, there is a high probability that it will begin to scrape the stadium and KO itself.

Shooter Change Core Alpha's gimmick is mode change. It has a mechanism inside of the RC that can be rotated to change the tip. Compared to Samurai Changer MS's Battle Change Core which essentially changes randomly during battle, Shooter Change Core Alpha will not. Its tip can become either semi-flat or flat depending on spin direction. In right-spin, the flat tip will be used, and in left-spin the semi-flat tip will be ejected. Both tips provide good movement, and the flat tip is the same width as Battle Change Core's flat tip and Dragoon MS UV's rubber tip.

The flat tip can be used effectively in Attack customizations, but because of the overall shape of the RC and the fact that it is plastic, Shooter Change Core Alpha will never see mainstream use among Attack-enthusiasts. As for its defensive capabilities, they are worth experimenting with, but its advantages and disadvantages must always be kept in mind.

Use in Defense Customization

Shooter Change Core Alpha, while it is most certainly an unorthodox choice for any type of customization, can be used in a Defense customization as long as it is in left-spin (semi-flat). An upgrade to this customization would be to replace Shooter Change Core Alpha with Shining God MS's Shooter Change Core Gamma, which has a sharp tip in left-spin and is naturally more suited for Defense customizations than semi-flat tip.

It is also worth considering the use of Circle Heavy in this custom as well, because its diameter is less than that of CWD Defense Ring, which could result in less self-KOs.



Bloody Devil MS is a highly sought after Beyblade by many Beybladers, but as a whole it is not the most necessary purchase. Devil Crusher has uses, but there is numerous better choices out there for those uses. And Shooter Change Core Alpha, while it is a very interesting part, is not a must-own.

If you have already collected most of the important HMS releases and have the opportunity to purchase it, Bloody Devil MS is an interesting Beyblade to experiment with. That being said, Shining God MS does have some similar parts, and overall, is worth more competitively than Bloody Devil MS.