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[[Image: |150px]]
Number: A-12
System: 5-Layer
Type: Defense

Attack Ring (AR): Whale Attacker

Whale Attacker takes the form of two large whales, with descending slopes and spikes along the sides, leading back to a single point, reminiscent of a whale arching out of water, as well as screw head details which serve to add a mechanical feel to the design. In right spin, the large, flat protrusions that represent the whales' heads are the main contact points. These protrusions have a large amount of Smash Attack, delivering impressive blunt force to opponents, but suffering from a debilitating amount of Recoil, which limits Whale Attacker's use to OHKO customizations. Furthermore, the strain on the Attack Ring caused by these extremely violent impacts results in significant breakage issues, particularly near the screw head details where the Attack Ring is at its thinnest (though breakage is by no means limited to this area). It should also be noted that Whale Attacker has a tendency to damage other Beyblades, much like Cross Griffon.

In left spin, the most noticeable feature of Whale Attacker is its slopes. These are quite long, however their shallow angle renders them ineffective compared to other proper Upper Attack ARs. Aside from this, the end of each slope, and the spikes along the side of the Attack Ring provide some Smash Attack, but due to the inward curvature of the end-of-slope contact points and the small size of the spiked protrusions (and their tendency to wear down), Whale Attacker is unable to make significant contact in left spin, leading it to be greatly outclassed, most notably by G Upper and Panther Head, both of which combine Upper and Smash Attack far more effectively in left spin.

Use in OHKO Customization

The epitome of One Hit KO combinations, this customization is completely geared towards making a single extremely powerful hit with only enough stamina and Recoil-control to make and survive that collision. Customize Bearing Base fixes the shaft of SG (Bearing Version 2) in place when it is used in the casings of Dranzer S. While the tip is pointed, the large width and fairly shallow angle allow it to move extremely aggressively (almost uncontrollably so) if banked correctly. Even though it does not maintain this aggression for long, this combination will not survive a drawn out battle anyway, and the use of a rubber tip contributes greatly to surviving. Fin Tectors are not only the most aggressive Support Parts available, but they also have excellent synergy with Whale Attacker, and their recoil is of little concern for a OHKO custom. Ten Heavy is used to control Recoil, while Wide Defense could be used for more speed and aggression, the lighter weight, combined with the fact this combination is unable to use a Heavy Metal Core, means Ten Heavy is a much safer choice. Of course, this style of Attack is inherently risky, and requires good aim and Banking. The poor Survival and high Recoil of this customization mean it must connect in the first few seconds of a battle or face certain defeat. If it does make early contact, however, it will usually knock out any opponent short of a top tier Defense Customization, though there is still a fair chance of it falling victim to its own Recoil. Combined with the breakage issues of both Whale Attacker and Fin Tectors, this means that, like any other OHKO combination, this setup should not be relied upon in a competitive situation.

Weight Disk (WD): Eight Wide

See Eight Wide

Spin Gear (SG): Right Spin Gear

See Right Spin Gear.

Blade Base (BB): Defense Grip Base

Defense Grip Base is a mid-height base, with six large screw details extending downward from the upper edge, and a rather pointed profile, leading to a sharp rubber tip. Similar to the later Rubber Sharp Bottom of MFB's Grand Ketos (which also shared the Whale theme), this tip provides excellent Defense and almost no movement, sitting in the centre of the stadium and being extremely difficult to KO, arguably moreso than any other Base, as well as the exceedingly popular SG (Bearing Version 2) Shaft of [[Wolborg 2]. However, while SG (Bearing Version 2) is supported by bearings which successfully address the inherent Survival issues of rubber tips, Defense Grip Base does not compensate for this at all, an issue only worsened by the poor stability of the sharp tip shape. In fact, its stamina is so poor that any Attack custom, even a rubber tipped one, that is able to hit it hard enough to knock it off balance will easily outspin it. It should go without saying, therefore, that any Beyblade with even passable Survival ability will have absolutely no trouble defeating Defense Grip Base, and the extremely passive behaviour of the tip means Defense Grip Base is completely unable to knock these combinations out. Furthermore, as with all other rubber tips, and perhaps moreso due to the softer rubber it is made from, the tip of Defense Grip Base wears down fairly quickly, requiring regular replacement. Due to these issues, it is rarely seen in competitive play, however, if one lacks top-tier defensive options such as SG Bearing Version 2, or Right Engine Gear (Circle Survive), it is a decent choice for Defense Customization.

Use in Defense Customization

The combination of Defense Grip Base and a Heavy Metal Core alone is nearly impossible to knock out. Wide Defense provides a circular perimeter making it difficult for opponents to land solid hits on this custom, lending decent weight for Defensive purposes, as well as giving the combination with some much needed Survival ability. Tiger Defenser is chosen for its excellent Defense in right spin, impeccable balance, and strong synergy with Wide Defense.

Other Versions

  • BBA Defenser (Black Recolor)
  • Seaborg - Clear Blue (Random Booster 5)
  • Seaborg - White (Random Booster 6)
  • Seaborg - Pink (Random Booster 6)
  • Seaborg - Pastel Blue (Random Booster 7)
  • Seaborg - Ochre (Random Booster 7)
  • Seaborg - Dragon Cube Claw Crane prize (Navy Blue)
  • Phantom Force Seaborg - Clear Pink




Seaborg as a whole is an example of how being extremely powerful in a single aspect at the expense of any ability in all other areas is a recipe for mediocrity. Its AR has great power, but this is largely irrelevant due to the extreme Recoil it produces. The base has outstanding Defense, yet that is compromised by its complete lack of Survival ability. Like most A-F Series Beyblades, neither the Weight Disk nor the Spin Gear are notable. While certainly an interesting Beyblade, Seaborg is only worth purchasing after one has already obtained all of the staple parts and is interested in experimenting with more unusual combinations.