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=== Use in [[Attack]] Customization ===
=== Use in [[Attack]] Customization ===
* '''AR:''' Upper Dragoon ([[Master Dragoon]], [[Kids Dragoon]])
* '''AR:''' Upper Dragoon ([[Master Dragoon]], [[Kid Dragoon]])
* '''WD:''' [[Heavy Weight Disks | Ten Heavy]]
* '''WD:''' [[Heavy Weight Disks | Ten Heavy]]
* '''SG:''' [[Spin Gear#V and V2 Series Spin Gears  | Neo-Right  SG]]
* '''SG:''' [[Spin Gear#V and V2 Series Spin Gears  | Neo-Right  SG]]

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Dragoon S (Storm)
Dragoon S.gif
Number: H-89
System: 5-Layer
Type: Attack

Attack Ring (AR): Reverse Dragon

  • Weight: 5 grams

Reverse Dragon is pretty much useless. It is severely outdated and there are many better choices for attack type purposes. Reverse Dragon was the first attack ring designed for attacking in left spin.

Weight Disk (WD): Eight Wide

See Eight Wide.

Spin Gear (SG): Left SG

See Left SG.

Blade Base (BB): Storm Grip

  • Weight: 4 grams

Storm Grip is one of the most popular bases for Upper Attack types. Storm Grip comes with a flat rubber tip. This makes combos with Storm Grip very fast and aggressive. One reason why this is one of the best bases for Upper Attack is its height. Storm Grip is one of the lowest bases ever created, falling short of SG Flat (with a completely mint rubber tip). In order for Upper Attack to work your beyblade must be lower than your opponent's. Storm Grip is also the lightest blade base ever created.

Use in Attack Customization

The amazing Upper Attack ability of Upper Dragoon combined with Storm Grip's height and speed makes one of the most effective Upper Attack combinations ever made.

Other Versions

  • Dragoon S - Phantom Force Version (Transparent Blue)
  • Dragoon S - Limited Edition Blue Dragon Version
  • Dragoon S - Limited Edition Version (Transparent Yellow)
  • Dragoon S - H-88 Gold Version (Contains a Gold Plated Eight Wide)
  • Dragoon S - Random Booster S Version (Blue)
  • Dragoon S - Limited Edition Crystal Version (Contains a Blue Plated Eight Wide)
  • Note: It should also be noted that the original Dragoon was released again with green colored stickers around the release of the later F series, Seaborg 2, Wolborg 2 and so on.



Storm Grip Base is an extremely useful part; however the tip wears down very quickly. All serious players should own many copies of Dragoon S.