Master Dragoon

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Note: Since this article was published, significant new and more accurate information has come to light, and as a result, this article must be updated. Please do not take all of the information here as the truth, as more extensive testing on the parts of this Beyblade has since provided information which conflicts with and/or expands upon the understanding of these parts this article was based upon. However, the Overall section has been updated based on this new information, and as such is a reliable source of information. Updates will be posted on the main page when completed.

Master Dragoon
Number: A-31
System: 5-Layer
Type: Attack

Attack Ring (AR): Upper Dragoon

  • Weight: 7 grams

Upper Dragoon is the best AR for right and second best for left spin Upper Attack (for other Left Spin Upper Attack AR's, please see Dranzer GT's Triangle Wing). Just from looking at it, you can see why this is. This AR has slopes that slant upwards to lift the opposing Beyblade off of the stadium floor. When this occurs, the opposing Beyblade has almost no Defense ability. They can take critical damage from this, and can be knocked out of the stadium. The slopes are also very long, making it more likely to have a successful Upper Attack.

Use in Upper Attack Customization

For Upper Attack to be successful, the slope of Upper Dragoon must be able to reach below the opposing Beyblade. Because of this, using a low BB will make the attack effective against more Beyblades. One of the lowest BB's available is Dragoon S's Storm Grip Base. Combining these two parts, you can make an Upper Attack combination that will repeatedly hit the opponent, reducing its Survival ability and possibly knocking it out. Here is an example combo:

Use in Defense Customization

Upper Dragoon is almost perfectly round and is one of the heavier ARs. It can be used to effectively add some attack ability to your defense-type Beyblade.

Weight Disk (WD): Eight Heavy

See Eight Heavy.

Spin Gear (SG): Right SG

See Right SG.

Blade Base (BB): SG Flat

See SG Flat.

Other Versions


Master Dragoon - Normal Version

Master Dragoon - Copper Version


Upper Dragoon is a very useful part, primarily for its excellent performance in Spin Stealing Upper Attack combinations, though the fact it has some use for Defense is also a nice touch. Overall, however, most Bladers will be able to get by without it, and the fact that Master Dragoon comes with no other parts of note means that it is not a must-have Beyblade. This Beyblade is not a must-have, but it is nevertheless a welcome addition to any collection.