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*'''Weight:''' 29.5 grams
The original release of Cyber is coated with red spray paint.  The shape and appearance is similar to that of the original Pegasis wheel. The main shape of Cyber consists of three wing like forms.  The Cyber wheel doesn't have the original Pegasis' Force Smash capbilities for one reason. The slightly jagged end of each of the three wing like forms that Cyber have would have been well suited for Force Smash, however, it was not created to be the same weight as the Pegasis wheel, but rather much lighter.  Therefore hindering it's Attack uses completely.  Pegasis, Vulcan and Lightning are far more consistent Attack wheels.
Beyblade: [[Cyber Pegasis 100HF]]

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  • Weight: 31.4 grams

Dark has twelve spikes facing the clockwise direction. These protrusions are closely packed together with minimal space between each, resulting in an overall round shape. This shape hinders the Metal Wheel in two ways, as its protrusions are not pronounced enough to provide sufficient Smash Attack; while the perimeter is interrupted too frequently for sufficient Stamina. Additionally, its weight is distributed over too large a surface area, resulting in poor defensive capabilities.

Beyblade: Dark Bull H145SD, Dark Cancer CH120SF, Dark Wolf DF145FS


Earth (Second Mold)
  • Weight: 33.1 grams

Earth has four thick, textured wings surrounding its perimeter, with each pair facing each other on a slight incline. The space created between the wings is quite small, and the resulting effect is similar to any Wheel that has no spaces: minimal recoil. Though it is on the lighter side of Metal Wheels, its almost unperturbed circular design, and minimal recoil make it one of the best, if not the best, Defense-oriented Wheel currently available for competitive play. The second mold of Earth is included with Earth Virgo GB145BS

Earth has two different molds. The first mold was released in BB-47 Starter Earth Aquila 145WD, and the second in both the purple WBBA "Event Special" MF Earth Aquila 105HF/S, and SonoKong manufactured Earth Metal Wheels. However, TAKARA-TOMY has since ceased production on the first mold, thus making it a difficult part to obtain. The second mold addressed breaking problems that the original mold faced by modifying the inside of each of Earth's wings. The new mold is up to three grams heavier than the old mold (30-31 grams versus 33 grams on the new mold), which makes it significantly more effective for Defense customizations. Therefore, the new mold is the preferred choice for Defense customs using Earth, while the original mold would be the best for Stamina.

Beyblade: Earth Aquila 145WD, Earth Virgo GB145BS


  • Weight: 32.5 grams

The Metal Wheel Flame was first released with Flame Sagittario C145S. It is predominantly circular, with two small spikes and two additional smaller gaps on its circumference. The Wheel is relatively thin throughout, with the very edge of the Wheel being slightly thicker. Due to the design of Flame where the Wheel’s perimeter is raised slightly, more of the Track below is exposed compared to other Wheels, hence making it easier for other Beyblades to strike its Track. This significantly reduces its Defense capabilities.

Beyblade: Flame Libra T125ES, Flame Sagittario C145S, Flame Byxis 230WD


  • Weight: 31.2 grams

Like its Metal System predecessor Gemios, Killer has a textured, bumpy, two-winged design that ends in two rounded edges. However, unlike its predecessor, it is considerably thinner even with a smaller amount of metal dropping below the base of the Wheel. Being so thin, the edges of each wing do not apply as much force as those of the Gemios Metal Wheel; as a result, Killer loses any of the potential Smash Attack the first incarnation had.

Being so thin negates any possible defensive qualities, and though it may seem suited for Stamina, it has shown no advantage over any of the top-tier Stamina Wheels like Virgo, Burn or even Earth.

Hasbro changed the name of the wheel to "Evil" to avoid being offensive. As a result, the Hasbro version is "Evil Gemios" as opposed to "Killer Gemios".

Beyblade: Killer Gemios DF145FS, Killer Beafowl UW145EWD


  • Weight: 30 grams

This Wheel is characterized by its prominent Smash Attack in Upper Mode. Of the total six protrusions, three are of the ‘Upper Mode’ and three are of the ‘Multi-Hit mode’. To switch between these modes, the Beyblade would need to be disassembled, and then the L Drago Clear Wheel rotated 180°.

Of the two available modes it is widely considered that ‘Upper Mode’ is superior. Contrary to the name, the strength of this wheel doesn’t come from Upper Attack, but Smash Attack. Lightning does suffer from some recoil, but this problem can easily be rectified with both MF and RF. Paired with the right Track, Lightning can provide a ferocious Smash Attack.

Beyblade: Lightning L Drago 100HF


  • Weight: 31.4 grams

Rock has six large protrusions with small, shallow gaps between each one. It also overhangs the Track much like the original Leone Metal Wheel, although to a smaller extent.

Rock as a Defense type is unable to match the qualities of Metal Wheels such as Earth and Virgo, because the shape of Rock produces a significant amount of recoil upon contact with another Wheel. As a result, Rock is an outclassed Defense Wheel.

Beyblade: Rock Leone 145WB, Rock Giraffe R145WB, Rock Escolpio T125JB


  • Weight: 30.4 grams

The main shape of Storm consists of three wing like forms, which are used for considerable Smash Attack. The wheel is a cheaper alternative for that of Quetzalcoatl, and is considered by many to be inferior to the Lightning Metal Wheel.

Storm Pegasis 100RF however is still a good Attack combo, due to a decent level of Smash Attack ability from the Storm Wheel. The slightly jagged end of each of the three wing like forms that Storm consists of are well suited for Smash. Quetzalcoatl, however, is still a far more consistent Attack wheel.

Beyblade: Storm Pegasis 105RF, Storm Capricorne M145Q, Storm Aquario 100HF/S


  • Weight: 29.2

Counter is styled like a HWS version of the Metal System Leone. It possesses six similar mane-like projections that coronate its circumference. The gaps between the six projections are too large to provide consistent smash for a competitive Attack Customization. Counter still showcases fair Smash Attack, but unlike Leone, it lacks the same degree of recoil. This is because the projecting paws are more compact and rounded than its counterpart’s. The lowered recoil makes it a better, albeit underwhelming, choice for a defensive combo.

Beyblade: Counter Leone D125B, Counter Escolpio 145D


  • Weight: 29.3

Grand is an intriguing wheel; it's thicker than Earth at the thickest point on its interconnected, smooth design. However, it is not as successful defensively, as it is 3.5 grams lighter than the second mold of Earth. On the Grand wheel there are six “walls” and with every two walls there is a gap dividing them into three sections. In each section there is a wall with small textured indents; this creates some recoil which is never a plus for a Defense-oriented Wheel. Because of this, it does have some Smash Attack, but it is mediocre and is completely outclassed by the multitude of other great Attack-based Wheels available, such as Vulcan.

Beyblade: Grand Ketos T125/WD145RS


  • Weight: 32.3

The Vulcan Metal Wheel has a total of two semi-circular prominences and two smaller wings painted with two red stripes that give breath to its design. Upon closer inspection, the two prominences have slight slopes that suggest the Wheel's capability of Upper Attack. Despite the fact that these sloped areas are major contact points, they do not provide Upper Attack; however, they do provide Smash Attack. Between the two prominences are the two smaller wings, which are also major contact points.

Having a total of four major contact points suggests the Wheel possesses an incomparable amount of Smash Attack. In fact, the Vulcan Wheel can be used a top-tier Customization

Beyblade: Vulcan Horuseus 145D