Gladiator Bahamdia SP230GF

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Gladiator Bahamdia SP230GF
Number: BBG-27
System: Beyblade Zero-G
Type: Attack
Element: God

Stone Face: Bahamdia

  • Weight: 1.2 grams

This diamond-shaped Face illustrates a Bahamut. The drawing is inspired from the Begirados Face mark since Bahamdia is its evolution in the Metal Fight Beyblade Zero-G manga, while being a slightly less menacing version.

Chrome Wheel: Bahamdia

  • Weight: grams

Bahamdia resembles a reinforced Gargole Chrome Wheel: the demonic head is however positioned at the top of the circumference and the Crystal Wheel's orb protrudes at the bottom, between vague claws. Its relief is created by silky segments forming rounded rectangles as well as few sharp stops indicating horns or wings. This Chrome Wheel's design seems rather inflated at the top compared to the bottom half.

Crystal Wheel: Gladiator

  • Weight: grams

Shaped very symmetrically, Gladiator simply illustrates four half-length swords circling its design, meeting in pairs at their tips. The overall shape created is four-sided, with rather abrupt edges.

Track: Spike 230

  • Weight: grams

SP230 resembles a BD145 Track with the latter's protrusions made longer and necessarily facing downwards. Its disk consequently extends far along the Chrome Wheel's length, easily equalling, and it has four "claw-shaped" protrusions which are meant to control speed.

Bottom: Giga Flat

  • Weight: grams

Pronounced "Guee-gah Flat", this Bottom is a bolder, larger and slightly taller version of the XF tip. It notably does not have the plastic lines on its side, like the Extreme Flat Bottom has.

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