First Zero-G Battle Set

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First Zero-G Battle Set
Number: BBG-21
System: Beyblade Zero-G

This Set was released by TAKARA-TOMY on August 11th 2012 for approximately 4095 yen.


  • Samurai Ifraid W145CF (Clear Yellow)
  • Guardian Revizer 160SB (Clear Red Guardian, opaque Black Face, clear White 160SB)
  • Zero-G Stadium Attack Type (Yellow tabs)
  • Zero-G Compact Launcher (Gold)
  • Zero-G Compact Launcher (Silver)
  • Zero-G Road to Win Guide


The First Zero-G Battle Set contains interesting recolours, as well as some competitive parts like W145 and Revizer, however it is generally not worth purchasing this Set at that price. The Zero-G Stadium Attack Type, although good, is available in other Sets and separately; the Samurai Ifraid recolour is partially present in another product already; and it only comes with two Zero-G Compact Launchers, which are inferior to the Zero-G Light Launcher and the Zero-G Beylauncher. Furthermore, the Zero-G Road to Win Guide provides no particularly good and unknown information. In conclusion, especially if one started purchasing Zero-G products in its early months already, there is no reason to buy this Set besides for collection purposes.