Guardian Revizer 160SB

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Guardian Revizer 160SB
Number: BBG-10
System: Beyblade Zero-G
Type: Defense
Element: Water

Name Change

Guardian Reviser is released by Hasbro as Guardian Leviathan 160SB.

Stone Face: Revizer

  • Weight: 1.2 grams

The sticker for this aqua green Stone Face depicts a Leviathan.

Chrome Wheel: Revizer

  • Weight: 30.6 grams

Revizer has a mostly circular shape for increased Defense, and its design is only interrupted by two holes that detail the fins on the Chrome Wheel. Overall, a very visible pattern of serpent heads, clawed feet, fins and spikes can be observed on Revizer's design.

Crystal Wheel: Guardian

Weight: 4.1 gram Full Width: 46.0 mm Minimum Width: 33.0 mm Full Height: 5.0 mm Height at borders: 3.0 mm

This Crystal Wheel compliments Revizer exceptionally with its original release in clear blue-green. Although named Guardian, it acts as the water beneath the leviathan-inspired design of Revizer. Underneath the latter, Guardian barely protrudes and mostly provides bulged protection from lower Attacks. It embraces Revizer's shape completely, even following the curves of the holes which stop Revizer from being entirely circular.

Track: 160

  • Weight: 2.1 grams

Unlike the majority of the non-gimmick Tracks, 160 resembles 230 more than 145, with a round and large body around its hexagon-shaped core. This construction is probably meant to strengthen it, since chances of getting hit are relatively low compared to 230, and the stair-like design would have become too slim at this height.

Bottom: Sharp Ball

Weight: 0.6 gram Full Width: 15.91 mm Tip Width: 9.22 mm Full Height: 8.77 mm Tip Height: 5.01 mm Tip Angle: 25°

SB is essentially cone-shaped, with a very subtle rounded tip at its end. It differs from BS exactly for that reason: while BS consists of a ball with a slight sharp tip, SB has the opposite with a sharp base that ends in a more ball-like tip.

Other Versions

  • Orojya Revizer T125JB Dark Blue Ver. - WBBA Lottery Campaign: A Starter+Stadium or a Set that contains a stadium had to be purchased for a chance to win one of the 1000 available.
  • Pirates Revizer M145CF - BBG-17 Random Booster Vol. 2 Archer Gargole SA165WSF (Pink, purple, green and yellow stickers)
  • Samurai Revizer SA165Q - BBG-17 Random Booster Vol. 2 Archer Gargole SA165WSF (Orange, green and black stickers)
  • Guardian Revizer 160SB - BBG-21 Fast Zero-G Battle Set (Grey stickers)
  • Goreim Revizer E230SB - BBG-25 Ultimate Synchrom DX Set Stamina & Defense Type (Green, yellow and blue stickers)
  • Guardian Leviathan A230JSB - Hasbro Leviathan Orochi Water Synchrome 2-Pack (Neon yellow Reviser Face, transparent mint green Guardian, teal A230, cyan JSB)


Guardian Revizer 160SB - Original Version

Guardian Revizer 160SB - Hasbro Version

Orojya Revizer T125JB - Dark Blue Version