Bull 125SF

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Bull125SF (Semi-Flat)
Number: BB-02
System: Metal Fight Beyblade
Type: Balance

Bull is one of the first four Metal Fight Beyblades released, and it is part of the Horoscope Series along with Pegasis, Leone, and Sagittario.


The face on this Beyblade depicts a Bull, which is represented by Taurus in the Zodiac.


  • Weight: 36 Grams
  • Maximum Outer Diameter: 45.22 Millimeters
  • Maximum Height: 10.88 Millimeters

Bull's Wheel was originally considered to be one of the most offensive MFB Wheels, yet it has been outclassed with the releases of Quetzalcoatl, Lightning and Ray. Due to the wings on the Metal Wheel (similar to that of Quetzalcoatl), it is best utilised in the combo Bull T125RF as a Smash Attacker.

Track: 125

  • Weight: 1 Gram
  • Height (True): 12.48 Millimeters

The 125 Track is a midway between the 105 and the 145 Tracks. Utilised in mid-height stamina combos, it is more difficult to destablise compared to 145 height stamina combos. It has declined in popularity as the choice mid-height track due to the release of T125 and D125.

Bottom: Semi-Flat

  • Weight: 1 Gram
  • Height: 8.87 Millimeters
  • Tip Width: 4.11 Millimeters
  • Flat Section Width: 2.33 Millimeters

This tip is Semi-Flat. It provides a semi-aggressive movement pattern. SF exhibits increased Defense over the Sharp and Defense Bottoms due to the increased friction. The downside is that Stamina is decreased and causes the Beyblade to move around more, exposing it to an Attack type. The trade-off in stamina for stability makes it inferior to SD and WD in terms of Stamina. Semi-Flat tip is usually used in Balance type Beyblades as it combines aspects of Attack, Defense and Stamina.

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Bull has vastly declined in popularity as an attack wheel with the release of Storm, Lightning, Quetzalcoatl and Ray. 125 Track variants in T125 and D125 have filled in the mid-heigt niche with additional gimmicks. SF is mediocre since it is outclassed by rubber Bottoms in Attack, and it is easily outspun by Stamina-based combos. Few aspects warrant this Beyblade a buy for a competitive Blader.