Ultimate Saizo

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Ultimate Saizo
Ultimate Saizo.jpg.jpg
Number: 02
System: 4 Layer
Type: Defense

Attack Ring (AR): Try Cutter

  • ’’’Weight:’’’ 4 grams

Try Cutter is a circular shape with three small points and three larger points. The small size of this AR does give it some use in two less conventional types of attack, which focus on using other parts to attack: Weight Disk Attack and Support Part Attack. It is important to note, however, that neither of these types have ever been as effective as conventional attack, and as such, this AR is best seen as an interesting part rather than one with any competitive worth. Also, despite the small size, it still has too poor a distribution, and too much recoil, to be of any real use to Zombies and Defense types.

Use in WD Attack Customization

Try Cutter is a very compact AR leaving the most of the weight disk used in this combo exposed. The

Use in Support Part Attack

In order to focus on attacking with the support part only, smaller parts aside from the SP and BB must be used. Try cutter is perfect for this. Upper Attack SP provide good upper attack, easily reaching under opponents, Customize Grip Base offers high movement speed, and the 10 Heavy/Heavy Metal Core combination enhances the Upper Attack ability.

Weight Disk (WD): Six Heavy

See Six Heavy.

Blade Base (BB): Sharp

See Sharp BB

Other Versions


Ultimate Saizo is useless for competitive play and has been entirely outclassed by numerous parts. This Beyblade would only be worth getting for collection purposes.