Dragoon Grip Attacker

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Note: Since this article was published, significant new and more accurate information has come to light, and as a result, this article must be updated. Please do not take all of the information here as the truth, as more extensive testing on the parts of this Beyblade has since provided information which conflicts with and/or expands upon the understanding of these parts this article was based upon. However, the Overall section has been updated based on this new information, and as such is a reliable source of information. Updates will be posted on the main page when completed.

Dragoon Grip Attacker
Number: #17
System: 4-Layer
Type: Attack

Attack Ring (AR): Dragon Head

  • Weight: 4 grams

Dragon Head is one of the smallest AR’s ever made, and as such lends itself well to Weight Disk Attack. Due to first generation limitations this AR can only be used in right spin. The AR has four very small protrusions that were designed for attack in right spin. However these contact points are so small and the AR is so fragile, that it is not considered for use in any Smash Attack combos.

Weight Disk (WD): Wide

See Wide.

Blade Base (BB): Grip Base

  • Weight: 7 grams

Grip Base is very short and has an extremely wide flat rubber tip. It is one of the most formidable BB’s for Attack. This part is the reason to own this Beyblade, as its light frame and extreme speed make it one of the fastest moving BB’s of all time. However, due to its rubber tip, it has an extremely poor spin time. This is one of the most useful BB’s for Smash Attack and Upper Attack. This BB's biggest flaw, however, lies in it's inability to be used in left spin.

Use in Smash Attack Customization

This is one of the best smash attack combos that can be made. It’s extremely high movement speed and low height, coupled with the power of the Triple Wing + Wide Defense combination, allows this customization to knock out many opponents, and on occasion even strong defensive opponents.

Use in Upper Attack Customization

Other Version

  • Dragoon Grip Attacker - Black Recolor



While Grip Base is an excellent part, combining fast, aggressive movement, decent recoil control and low height, the rarity and price of Dragoon Grip Attacker, and the fact that Grip Base is too light to handle Hyper Aggressive Smash Attack ARs and unable to be used in Left Spin means that Defense Grip Base is generally a better choice despite its taller height, even before considering the fact it comes with the much more common and far less expensive Seaborg. With no other useful parts, this Beyblade is not a must-have, but it is nevertheless a welcome addition to any collection.