Trygle 2

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Trygle 2
Number: N/A
System: 5-Layer/Magnecore
Type: Attack

Trygle 2 is found in Takara's Random Booster 9, in which the Orange Sunshine version is one of three prize Beyblades, with each copy of the Random Booster having a 1/12 chance of containing one. This Random Booster also contains Black and Jungle Green versions of the Beyblade, again with a 1/12 chance each.

Attack Ring (AR): Triple Beak

  • Weight: 5 grams

Triple Beak depicts three eagle heads in a triangular formation reminiscent of Trycutter. The main contact points of Triple Beak in either spin direction are the sides of each triangular eagle head, and like all Attack Rings which use large, flat areas as contact points,Triple Beak produces large amounts of Recoil and very little else, rendering it useless for any sort of competitive customization. Furthermore, Triple Beak is a rather thin Attack Ring, and combined with its large, flat contact points this results in breakage issues, which are only compounded by the price and rarity of the part. As a result of these many issues, Triple Beak should not be considered for competitive use.

Weight Disk (WD): Random

As Trygle 2 was released by Takara in a Random Booster, the Weight Disk received is random. The possible Weight Disks are: Star Attack, Revolver Attack, 10 Heavy, 10 Balance, and 10 Wide.

Spin Gear (SG): Neo Right SG (Metal Weight Version)

See Neo Right SG.

Blade Base (BB): SG Sharp

See SG Sharp

Other Versions

  • Trygle 2 G (Hasbro Engine Gear Version)
  • Trygle 2 - Random Booster 9 (Black)
  • Trygle 2 - Random Booster 9 (Jungle Green)



Trygle 2 is quite rare and as a result rather expensive and generally prized by collectors. However, it has no competitive use, being composed almost entirely of useless or heavily outclassed parts. The only useful parts it comes with, the Spin Gear Casings and some of the possible Weight Disks, are available in many more useful, common and less expensive Beyblades. As such, this Beyblade is only worth purchasing for collection purposes.