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Special Parts are parts aside from the basic Attack Ring, Weight Disk, Spin Gear, and Beyblade Base.

Sub Ring

The Sub Ring is an extra part of certain Attack Rings, and in the case of Gabriel and Cyber Dragoon Battle Spec.'s 'SG Wing Base, the Blade Base. The Sub Ring serves as a secondary ring that spins freely. Any Part that is cabable of fitting a Sub Ring may not be used without one.

The following Beyblades come with a Sub Ring:

Support Parts

Support parts are parts of the Beyblade Base that first came in the V2 Series Beyblades. The Support Parts can be customized onto Beyblade Bases capable of bearing Support Parts.

List of Support Parts:

  • Note: Gaia Dragoon V is the only V2 Series Beyblade without Support Parts

Bearing and Shaft

The Bearing and Shaft are parts of certain Free Spinning Spin Gears seen in these Beyblades:

The Bearing is a device to permit constrained relative motion between two parts, typically rotation or linear movement while the shaft is an axle, attached with a tip, that is inserted into the bearing which allows for the free spinning Spin Gear to work.

Metal Balls

Metal Balls are balls that fit into the bases of most of the Draciel Beyblades. All of the Draciels except for Draciel MS have Metal Balls located in the Beyblade Base, but they can only be removed or added in Draciel Metal Ball Defenser, Draciel S and Draciel F. Each metal ball approximately weighs 1 gram.

Heavy Metal Core

The Heavy Metal Core, or HMC, is a special part found in the Takara version of Metal Driger. It is a completely metal core similar to MG cores found on V and V2- series blades. The core adds weight to the blade and is a desirable for many combinations.

Special Weight Disks

Some Beyblades come with unique weight disks. These weight disks are usually shaped much differently than conventional Weight Disks. They are: