Shooters and Grips

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Shooters and Grips, along with winders are used to launch all Beyblades.


Standard Shooters

EZShooter (right spin).
EZShooter (right spin) with Beyblade attached.
  • EZShooter (right spin):

This is the standard right spin shooter/launcher. The winder/rip cord is inserted in the back end, and to attach the Beyblade, you put both prongs of the launcher in the openings beside the Bit Chip.

EZShooter (left spin)
  • EZShooter (left spin):

Same as EZShooter right spin, except it has a different design and is for left spin. Two versions exist, the original that came with earlier Dragoons, and the "Neo Left" version. The original version had an additional layer of gears to change the direction of rotation, so that the winder could be inserted in the same orientation as the EZShooter right spin. The Neo Left connects the winder to the prongs more directly, so the winder was inserted upside-down, hence changing the direction of rotation.

  • EZShooter (spring):

Has a spring between the prongs that presses against the Beyblade bitchip. It pushes down when launching, forcing Beyblade downwards. This reduces the risk of mislaunch.


The purpose of all grips is to increase players launching stability and accuracy. All experienced players should use a grip when playing.

  • Customize Grip:

Both types of EZShooters can be placed into these. You can customize this grip with various other parts, such as metal grip, rubber grip, spring support, and the metal trigger. Hasbro released this grip as the “Dragoon Grip” and “Dranzer Grip”.

  • Marksmen Grip:

Both types of EZShooters can be placed into these. The special feature of this grip is the sniper scope. When in the vertical position, this scope emits a red light that is supposed to be used to project where your Beyblade will land when launched.

  • Catapult Grip:

The EZShooter is attached to a catapult mechanism equipped with a spring. Pulling the winder pulled back the EZShooter as well as setting the Beyblade spinning; when the winder has been released at the end of launch, the catapult mechanism springs forward to shoot the Beyblade forward.

  • Spring Shooter:

Has a spring support just behind the slot for the winder. Theoretically this gave you a faster launch, but the more practical purpose helped to give a straighter pull and prevent unnecessary wear and tear on winder and gears.

  • Dranzer/Driger/Dragoon Shooter:

EZShooters are not required to use these shooters. All three of these electronic shooters are designed to represent the bit beast they are named after. When turned on, you are able to play various mini-games related to Beyblade by using the winder and Bit Chips. Next to the RC shooter, this series is the second largest grip available.

  • RC Shooter:

EZShooters are not required to use this shooter. This shooter was included with Remote Control Beyblades. When turned on, the trigger was pushed forward or backward to control the RC Beyblade. The RC shooter is the largest grip available in the game, in both plastic and HMS.

  • Duotron Launcher:

With this, you are able to launcher two Beyblades at once, using one winder. This launcher is very inconsistent; launching one Beyblade at a time right after each other is more efficient.

Grips Gallery

Heavy Metal System

Standard Shooters

Dual Shooter
Dual Shooter with Beyblade attached.
  • Dual Shooter:

Unlike the plastic generation, the Dual Shooter, as suggested by the name has the ability of selecting spin direction by simply flipping the G Winder and placing it in it’s appropriate hole. This capability opened up many possibilities for the whole HMS series as there is no need to change any parts which you were once forced to do with plastic Beyblades. Attaching HMS Beyblades to the Dual Shooter is similar to the plastic generation, just line up the two clips with the end of the Bit Protector and two smaller ones will clamp onto the BP. It is common for Dual Shooters to not be very reliable, some even useless, so finding a working Dual Shooter is vital.

  • Double Shooter:

This shooter has two sets of prongs to launch two Beyblades at once, and attachments for the prongs so that it can launch plastic as well as HMS. Unfortunately, it can only launch in right spin; also, it has very weak launch power.

  • String Shooter:

Instead of a winder, this shooter had to be manually opened up so that a string could be wound around an axis. The advantage of this shooter is that it prevented the opponents from seeing what spin direction you would be using; however, launching with this shooter has a very different feel as compared to regular shooters. Also, it is very troublesome to wind.

HMS Grips

HMS Customize Grip.
  • HMS Customize Grip:

This grip is basically an updated version of the Customize Grip from the plastic generation, except it can be used by both left handed and right handed players. To do this, you remove the compartment the Dual Shooter is placed into and slide the grip onto the other side. As with the Customize Grip, the HMS Customize Grip can be customized by adding the spring trigger or rubber grip.

  • Running Shooter:

This shooter was included with Round Shell MS for use in its running mode. For more information on the Running Shooter, please see Round Shell MS’s article.