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The Magnecore was the second major revolution in beyblading (the first being the introduction of the Spin Gear and Left Spin). It introduced magnets to the game. The magnets were on the V and V2 beyblades and available separately from both Takara and Hasbro.

Types of Magnets

Neo Right SG with MG Core
  • Neo SG North Core

These would attract your beyblade to the magnets in the magnetic beystadium, and were most commonly used in defense / endurance types. The main attraction to senior players was the additional weight.

  • Neo SG South Core

These would repel your beyblade from the magnets in the magnetic beystadium, and were most commonly used in Attack types. The main attraction to senior players was the additional weight.

  • Neo SG Metal Weight (MW) Core

These were made of a light metal, therefore would neither attract or repel you from the magnets. These are not often used because of their minimum advantage over the original Spin Gear.

  • Normal Core

This only comes with Dragoon V2, and is made entirely of plastic. It is lighter than the MW core, but not as light as the internal part of a regular Spin Gear, which may also be used with Neo Casings.

For more information on the Neo SGs, see Spin Gear

  • Magne Weight Disk

For more information see Magne Weight Disk

This was only available with Dragoon V2 and Voltaic Ape. Also came in the Magnetic Accessory Pack (Hasbro) or in a pack of two (Takara). Has a north and south side.


  • Beystadium Magne Type

The Takara MG stadium, came with 6 circular magnets and 3 magnetic rods. On top is just a usual Takara beystadium. Release A-44.

  • MagneDome DX

Has a slot for magnets on the top as well. Also the only Takara beystadium with a pocket. Release A-80

  • Hasbro Magnetic Tray

Designed to fit underneath a normal Hasbro beystadium. It causes the Stadium to wobble and only fits the circle magnets. It came with six magnets.


To test the effect of magnet placement on the tray, an attack combo consisting of

  • WD: 10 Wide

was against the defense combo consisting of

Defense Combo

  • Sub-AR: War Lion (Galeon)
  • WD:Magne Weight Disk (North Side forced Down)
  • SG:Neo Right North Core
  • BB: SG Metal Ball Base (4 Metal Balls) (Draciel S)

The Stadium used was Spin Blaster, and the results were as followed.

With the magnets blocking the pockets, Defense won 4/5 times while the Attack won 1/5. Defense shifted from one magnet to the other, whereas the attack pocketed itself. To try and reduce the probability of luck, this test was repeated with the same defense combo against a new attack customization.

  • SG: Neo Left South Core

Attack won 2/5, Defense 2/5, and Draw 1/5

A final test with the combos was conducted in the MFB Balance stadium which produced these figures.

Defense won 5/5 against the first attack combo and 4/5 against the second one.


The Magnacore system were an interesting revolution for beyblade. It increased the factor of luck in the game allowing for more unpredictable results; perhaps to even it up for the weaker players. It definitely was an entertaining system, worthy of a spot for Collectors and players with preference to the Plastic Series.