Dual Shooter

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The Dual Shooter.

Dual Shooter

The Dual Shooter inside.

Because HMS are fastened tightly by the Bit Protector (BP), they will hold together regardless of the spin direction. The Bit Protector is completely symmetrical. The standard shooter for HMS, the Dual Shooter, has two proprietary holes to insert the Winder: one for left spin and one for right spin. Because of this, the spin direction of HMS can be changed at will, unlike the plastic generation which would require swapping a Spin Gear and shooter.

The new winder, the G-Winder, was an improvement in every way. Unlike the previous systems, which had both normal "short" winders and Dragon Winders, all G-Winders are the same length. They are made of a very stiff plastic that is easier to straighten, and the plastic is much more solid, rendering it difficult to snap or deform the teeth. The combination of the Dual Shooter and G-Winder makes for a pleasant experience. The G-Winder is only compatible with the Dual Shooter.

Overall, the Dual Shooter's design is a marked improvement over the EZ Shooter. Not only because it was capable of shooting both spin directions, but the stopping mechanism was much simplified. Rather than using a ratchet-like stop employed by Plastic shooters before, instead there is a cone adjacent to the gear that without the G-Winder inserted will hit plastic stops inside the shooter. See pictures.

Increase in Revolutions

The newly designed HMS Beyblades and shooters lead to a 1.5-2x increase in the maximum spin velocity of these Beyblades Vs. older systems. This is an undeniable advantage, increasing performance in just about every area imaginable.

Complaints of Dual Shooter

Stopping mechanism is normally engaged.
Gear spins free of plastic stops.

Many players complain that the quality of Dual Shooters is inconsistent, with many being useless due to the fact that the Beyblade will not fasten securely to it. This has been proven to be true. While most Dual Shooters are made in China, the models made in Japan have been known to be of much higher quality.

It is also possible to have a Dual Shooter which clips onto the Bit Protector to tightly, that the Beyblade with not release.

Example of new vs worn (on right)

Solution to Fitting Problems

These problems can be rectified by re-setting (shape) the prongs. Unscrew the assembly on the bottom of the launcher to get the black prongs. Warm the plastic with hot water, to soften it, then it can be adjusted i.e. pinched. To make it permanent run under cold water, which will set the plastic again.


The Dual Shooter is not impervious to wear. It is possible to wear away one side of the prongs (picture) that clip to the BP, resulting in the Beyblade falling off before being shot. Internal wear can cause slipping, a result of; stops being deformed, worn cone on the gear shaft and shredded plastic opposite the gear which prevents proper meshing i.e. stripping.