BeyBattle Try Set

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BeyBattle Try Set
MFB BeybattleTrySet.jpg
Number: BB-20
System: Metal Fight Beyblade


The Faces, Tracks and Bottoms in this set are clear versions.

Note: In some releases of BB-20, Pegasis was released with 125SF instead of 105F.


The BeyBattle Try Set is out of production, and is very hard to find at a reasonable price as a result. Its rarity is further increased due to the inclusion of two BeyPointers, which are popular collector items.

However, the BeyBattle Try Set contains no competitively useful parts except for the BeyLaunchers, which can be obtained from other more useful releases. Wolf and Pegasis have heavily outclassed parts, and the MFB Balance Type BeyStadium is less preferable compared to the MFB Attack Type BeyStadium. There is little reason to purchase this set outside of collection purposes.