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Instead of using a winder, like traditional shooters do, the BeyLauncher uses a string. Its design incorporates two indents on either side to help grip the shooter. The BeyLauncher can be seen as an upgrade to the HMS String Shooter; however, unlike the HMS String Shooter, which had to be wound around an axis manually, the BeyLauncher automatically retracts its string after being released.

BeyLauncher L

BeyLauncher L

The BeyLauncher was actually originally released as the BeyLauncher L, a left spin version of the launcher, with L Drago 105F. It has a larger, more intricately designed, comfortable handle than the right spin BeyLauncher, and also several notches on the indents of the shooter to assist in gripping it.

BeyLauncher LR

The BeyLauncher LR was originally released with Gravity Perseus AD145WD. It has the same handle as the BeyLauncher L and similar notches on the indents of the shooter to assist in gripping it. The most notable feature of the BeyLauncher LR is the capability to launch Beyblades in either left or right spin without changing launchers. The BeyLauncher LR has two sets of prongs on the top and bottom of the launcher that determine the spin direction. The prongs that are not being used are covered by a cap that can be removed and set on each set of prongs to change the spin direction (The string cannot be pulled if the cap is not set on one side).


The Beypointer can be attached to the shooter, and it is used to keep track of your points. Every Blader begins with 1000 points. After each battle, the two players connect their Beypointers and each will lose/gain 10 points depending on if they won or lost. The Beypointer can also be connected to machines like the Bey Ta 1 and a Nintendo DS console through a Beypoint Reader, and it will keep track of all the points that are gained throughout those games. It is unclear how TAKARA-TOMY will prevent cheating using these because you could easily purchase two of them and connect them to get an infinite amount of points, and special Passwords were revealed at official events that can give a player from 100 to 500 points each. The Beypointer will not have much use outside of Japan however because the WBBA (World BeyBlade Association) is only active in Japan at the moment.

Complaints about the BeyLauncher

The BeyLauncher has a fatally flawed design. Here is a run down of the problems:

  • Handle: The BeyLauncher handle can break or be pulled off under normal use.
  • String: The BeyLauncher string can come loose or break under normal use.
  • Prongs: The BeyLauncher prongs can break under normal use.

Generally, the BeyLauncher is chosen over the MFB Shooter for its increased power when the handle is released after launching, but doing so often results in breakages due to the impact of the handle hitting the BeyLauncher. TAKARA-TOMY has recommended that the BeyLauncher be held as pictured here, but this is extremely inefficient. And contradictorily, photos of TAKARA-TOMY employees have been posted on the official WBBA Circle showing them holding the handle in one of the "incorrect" ways. There is absolutely no way to achieve the full potential of the BeyLauncher using their suggested method, and even if you pull all the way to the end of the string without letting go, as they suggest, you run the risk of breaking the string.

Possible solutions to these problems include, rubber cylinder or ball for a handle, as opposed to the current "T" design which flies around too much after it is released, often causing it to whip the user in the arm/hand. And for the prongs, they could be replaced with metal prongs, though the feasibility of this is questionable.

BeyLauncher Suspension

BeyLauncher Suspension

As a solution to the handle breakage issue in the BeyLauncher design, Takara-Tomy released an accessory called the BeyLauncher Suspension. This device attaches to the pre-existing handle of the BeyLauncher and contains a spring inside of it, as well as a re-designed ergonomic handle. This spring allowed the user to pull the launcher at full strength without releasing the handle since it would alleviate the stress from the internal launcher mechanism.

To gain maximum power with the BeyLauncher Suspension, grip the handle naturally (not too firm, but firm enough to not accidentally let go). Then pull the cord back very quickly until it runs out and you feel the tension of the spring expanding. At that point just stop, but do not let go. Accidentally letting the cord go with the Suspension attached results in a weaker shot.

For users with prior experience with the BeyLauncher this is a technique that will require some adjustment. There will be an initial inhibition to pull too hard for fear of breaking the internal mechanisms or string. Current usage has shown no issues with internal launcher damage, so don't be afraid to pull hard. Also, if you are having trouble, don't hesitate to try different launcher positions with the grip, some users have altered their previous setup with the addition of the Suspension for greater performance/comfort.

It is important to note that this accessory ONLY addresses the string and handle breakage but NOT the prong breakage issues. For players who use the BeyLauncher as their primary launcher this is a MUST buy accessory.

Another product that helps to reduce breakage in the handle has been released called Launcher Rubbers. They are essentially rubber attachments that go on the handle. Aside from helping to grip the handle, the rubber slows down the handle as it retracts, reducing the impact of the handle against the BeyLauncher and reducing the frequency of breakages.

Makeshift Solution for Handle Problem

Prior to the release of the Beylauncher Suspension some players devised a makeshift way of reducing the stress to the launcher. Simply attach an elastic around your wrist and the BeyLauncher handle, and the retraction that normally occurs will be minimized, and will basically stay in place until you move your hand back into position to launch again.

Hasbro's String Launcher

To both facilitate the grip around the handle and reinforce the latter, Hasbro's version features a longer plastic handle. However, the string is still the same length as TAKARA-TOMY's version: exactly 50 cm. That string is made of the same stronger material that the latest Beylaunchers got. While these changes offer a longer longetivity for this item, it may still break and the string can stop retracting eventually.