Zero-G Random Booster Vol.1 Thief Phoenic

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Contents of Zero-G Random Booster Vol.1 Thief Phoenic

Zero-G Random Booster Vol.1 Thief Phoenic

Note: There is no prize Beyblade in this booster. One whole Beyblade is given in each box. There is a 1/8 chance to get each Beyblade. The namesake Beyblade of the Random Booster is labeled "Super Rare", while three other Beyblades, each possessing a re-colored part of the "Super Rare" Beyblade, are instead labeled "Rare". This is novelty nomenclature introduced only in Zero-G.

  • Super Rare Beyblade - Thief Phoenic E230GCF
  • Rare Beyblade - Thief Saramanda 230WB
  • Rare Beyblade - Samurai Saramanda E230ES
  • Rare Beyblade - Pirates Ifraid T125GCF
  • Shinobi Ifraid 230WD
  • Pirates Saramanda T125WB
  • Shinobi Orojya 145ES
  • Samurai Orojya 145WD


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