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* '''VariAres D:D Phantom Blue Ver.''' - CoroCoro Magazine (Blue)
* '''VariAres D:D Phantom Blue Ver.''' - CoroCoro Magazine (Blue)
* '''VariAres''' - WBBA G4 Prize (Gun Metallic)
* '''VariAres''' - WBBA G4 Prize (Gun Metallic)
*  '''VariAries 145WB''' - Hasbro Metal Fury
*  '''[[VariAries 145WB]]''' - Hasbro Metal Fury

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VariAres D:D
Number: BB-114
System: Metal Fight Beyblade
Type: Defense

Face: Ares

The Face on this Beyblade depicts Ares, the Greek God of War.

4D Metal Wheel: VariAres

Weight: 43.6 grams Full Width: 50 mm Minimum Width: 47.5 mm Full Height: 11.5 mm

VariAres is unarguably the most aggressively designed Wheel ever released in MFB, and is the second Metal Wheel capable of spinning in both Left and Right Spin (the first being Gravity Perseus). It has a relatively thick, wide three-winged design. Each wing ends in an abrupt, sharp point that provides intense Smash Attack in both spin directions. In addition to this, along each wing there are six indents of varying size that provide Spike Attack which works in tandem with the sharp Smash Attack points on the ends of each wing. However, while VariAres' Attack power may be high, it does suffer from huge amounts of recoil because it is so aggressively designed. This can make VariAres a risky Wheel to use in some respects, but as the game has evolved, lighter, more compact Attack Wheels such as Lightning have become harder and harder to use effectively without the assistance of something like BD145. VariAres can backfire due to its recoil, but it does not need the width and weight of BD145 to be effective.

Between each wing is a large gap. Fitted in between these gaps is a yellow PC Frame, that protrudes outwards in a triangular shape as far as the Metal Frame. Unlike other 4D Beyblades, VariAres' PC Frame is built in conjunction with the Metal Frame. On the bottom side of the Metal Wheel where the mechanism that controls the plastic wings release are located, there is cover of a hard plastic sheet.

When VariAres is spinning at high spin speeds, the PC Frame retracts towards the centre of VariAres, exposing more Metal, and therefore producing more Smash Attack. This is considered "Attack Mode". As VariAres' spin velocity lowers, the PC Frame extends out to it's full length, allowing for more Plastic contact in an attempt to reduce Recoil. This is considered "Defense Mode".

Use in Attack customization

Due to its relatively heavy weight, three gaps, and prominent indentations, VariAres produces incredibly potent Smash Attack. A Metal Face - Heavy and Rubber Flat variant in unison with VariAres' high rotational force reduces VariAres' recoil, and provides proficient Smash Attack in the top-tier attack customizations: MF/-H VariAres CH120RF/R2F/LRF and MF/-H VariAres R145RF/R2F/LRF.

Bottom: Delta Drive (D:D)

Weight: 5.5 grams Height (Wide Ball): 20.89 mm Height (Flat): 20.25 mm Height (Sharp): 21.19 mm

D:D is of a round shape with a translucent black colour, and with a height comparable to 145WD. Like most 4D Bottoms, D:D's gimmick is mode change-related. Similar to Dranzer F's Flame Change Base from the Plastic generation, D:D has the gimmick of triple mode change. D:D features a Sharp Bottom, a Wide Ball Bottom, and a Flat Bottom all on one axis, which can be changed manually between battles. To change modes, the tip can be pulled out slightly, rotated on its axis, and then pushed back in on the new tip. D:D is evidently an incredibly versatile bottom, but this versatility is made useless by the fact that the Bottoms encased are all outclassed in one way or another; S is outclassed by WD, WB is outclassed by CS, and F is outclassed by RF.

Use in Balance customization

Because each tip contained within D:D is outclassed, it has only found use in sub-par Balance combinations such as MF-H Basalt Kerbecs D:D.

Other Versions

  • VariAres D:D Mars Red Ver. – CoroCoro Magazine (Red)
  • VariAres D:D Phantom Blue Ver. - CoroCoro Magazine (Blue)
  • VariAres - WBBA G4 Prize (Gun Metallic)
  • VariAries 145WB - Hasbro Metal Fury


VariAres D:D (regular)

VariAres WBBA Exclusive Colour (purple)


VariAres quickly found its home in Smash Attack customs and is regarded by many to be superior to Lightning, which has held its own position as the most popular Smash Attack Wheel since release. The mechanism within D:D is an improvement over the classic Flame Change Base, but like Flame Change Base, it is almost as useless competitively. VariAres alone makes this worth a purchase, though. Every Blader should at least own one of this Beyblade.