Metal Balls

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Metal Balls are balls made of metal that can go into the base of most Draciel Beyblades. All of the Draciels except for Draciel MS has a set of Metal Balls located in the Beyblade Base. The bases that can have the metal balls added or removed are that of Draciel Metal Ball Defenser, Draciel S, and Draciel F while the bases of Draciel V, Draciel V2, and Draciel G have fixed metal balls, balls that can't be removed, inside of the base. It should also be noted that Draciel F has a free spinning metal ball in its base.

Other Versions

Aside from the more usable metal balls that come with Draciel Metal Ball Defenser, Draciel S, and Draciel F, there are two other Beyblades that come with two different metal balls.

Gaia Dragoon

Gaia Dragoon comes with five metal balls, one located in the SG and four in the BB, but it is smaller in size compared to the more common version.

Draciel G

Even though it is not noticeable, Draciel G has a set metal balls, however, they are not as big as the other two versions.