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* Clay ([[Rock Leone 145WB |Rock]] equivalent)
* Clay ([[Rock Leone 145WB |Rock]] equivalent)
* Mad ([[Dark Wolf DF145FS |Dark]] equivalent)
* Mad ([[Dark Wolf DF145FS |Dark]] equivalent)
* Heat (Infinity equivalent)
* Heat ([Infinity] equivalent)

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Light Wheels, which are a part of the Hybrid Wheel System, are included in Random Booster Light Volumes. They are deemed illegal by WBO rules, and are not meant for competitive use. Many Light Wheels are plastic versions of their Metal Wheel counterparts. Light Wheels are Metal Wheel substitutes made entirely of plastic. As a result, they are significantly lighter (weighing approximately 5 - 6 grams) and are essentially useless. Light Wheels Released:

  • Wind (Storm equivalent)
  • Clay (Rock equivalent)
  • Mad (Dark equivalent)
  • Heat ([Infinity] equivalent)