L Drago Guardian S130MB

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L Drago Guardian S130MB
Number: BB-121
System: Metal Fight Beyblade
Type: Defense

L Drago Guardian is TAKARA-TOMY's attempt to make a defensive version of L Drago Destroy.

Face: L Drago III

This mark features a more complete form of L Drago, while also showing a more aggressive design. "L Drago" isn't written anymore, and, instead, the rest of the dragon's neck is shown as well as its left hand, its right arm and its right shoulder.

4D Metal Wheel: L Drago Guardian

  • Weight: 45.7 grams

Like all L Drago Wheels, L Drago Guardian is incompatible with other Wheels, and its gimmick is a mode change by rotation of the Metal Frame, as well as the reintroduction of rubber.

Metal Frame

  • Weight: 39.7 grams

L Drago Guardian's Metal Frame is heavily inspired from L Drago Destroy, hence the name similarities. In fact, the shapes are almost identical, but L Drago Guardian was made to resemble three dragon heads adorned by armours, so the relief on this part is more inexistent and the jagged edges of L Drago Destroy are replaced by smooth angles. These armours are cut into overlapping segments, which create the only relief on the Metal Frame. There are some ornaments on the end of each segment, and each of the three dragon heads is designed to have a helmet too.

In Attack Mode, the heads of the Metal Frame are on top of the outer rubber parts of the Core, making more of the Metal Frame be open for contact.

In Absorption Mode, the rubber of the Core appears in the interstices of the Metal Frame while the PVC part of it is covered by the dragon heads on the Metal Frame.


  • Weight: 6.0 grams

Track: Shield 130

Weight: 3.3 grams Maximum Width: 35.5 mm Minimum Width: 33.0 mm Full Height: 13.00 mm Arc between protrusions: 8.0 mm

Made only of plastic, S130 has a horizontal disk attached to its centre. This disk consists of eight arms linked by some relatively round webs of plastic, which overall forms an imperfect circle. In this release S130 is of a dark grey color.

S130's inferior weight compared to Tracks like BD145 and GB145 render it outclassed for Defense purposes. However, where this Track has found a home is in Attack combos. S130 adds much needed weight to an attacker without obscuring its contact points. Also, its mid-sized height allows Attack Metal Wheels to score hits on a number of opposing heights. This makes S130 viable to be used with some Attack Wheels, including VariAres and Flash.

Use In Attack Customization

S130 can be put to good use in the Flash combo MF-H Flash Escolpio/Pisces/Orion S130RF, adding a decent amount of weight to Flash without covering up contact points, and placing the Metal Wheel at the height where it is most effective in dealing hits, due to its design.

Bottom: Metal Ball

Weight: 1.4 gram Full Width: 15.91 mm Tip Width: 6.87 mm Full Height: 10.96 mm Tip Height: 7.90 mm

MB is a variation of the Ball tip, with its bottom surface made fully out of metal. It has a wide surface area and heavy weight, making it a very versatile tip. Being metal, it provides the low friction needed for longer endurance. Its lack of traction makes it very easy to KO and destabilize. As such, it has only found a home in a small number of combos.

Use in Balance Customization

MB is a vital piece in the Duo combo MF-H Duo Aquario/Cancer/Cygnus 230MB. This combo works as a wobbler combination. Due to the maximal height and the ball-shaped tip, the combo has the ability to wobble at extreme angles and recover. It uses destabilization and force grind to defeat opponents. Because of the nature of MB, its greatest weakness is Attack types however.

Use in Defense/Balance combo Customization

Although now outclassed, the combo MF-H Basalt ___ BD145MB was one of the first combinations to find competitive use with Metal Ball. This combo has good synergy which means that, as a whole, it works well together. Due to its heavy nature, it couldn’t be knocked out easily. Metal Ball also worked well with BD145 as it requires tall tips to avoid scraping. Lastly, this Bottom can go into aggressive movement patterns if launched a certain way, which works well with Basalt's nature to knock out and/or destabilize others combos.

Other Versions

  • L-Drago Guardian D125B - Hasbro Metal Fury Spark FX (Blue, reduced Metal Wheel)


L-Drago Guardian S130MB

L-Drago Guardian D125B - Hasbro Metal Fury Spark FX Ver.