Hybrid Wheel Match Set

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Hybrid Wheel Match Set
Number: BB-32
System: Metal Fight Beyblade


This Set won the honors as one of the best-selling toys after the christmas of 2009/2010 in Japan.


The Hybrid Wheel System is generally outclassed, however this Set contains RF, a very important Bottom for Attack combinations, but even more essential is the BeyStadium Attack Type included in this Set meant for beginners of Beyblade. This stadium is the perfect arena for fair battles for all types of Beyblades, and the transparent recolours of Storm Pegasis 105RF and Dark Wolf DF145FS as well as those of the BeyLaunchers are great additions to a collection. In addition, BeyLaunchers' strings, prongs and handles can easily break, therefore this item offers two easy replacements. No good customizations can be built only with the Beyblades present in this product, but this Set should be purchased for collection purposes and for the inclusion of key competitive equipment like the BeyStadium Attack Type and the BeyLaunchers.