Hidden Spirit

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The Hidden Spirit series are a group of Beyblades which include parts to make transformable dragon figures. These figures can also be attached to the Beyblade itself through the use of poles included on the parts. All the Japanese releases, apart from Griffolyon and Salamalyon, have the words Bakutenryuu and Dragon on either side of the name. All Beyblades in the series are 4-layer series.

In terms of releases, the Hidden Spirit Beyblades can be divided into three categories:

  • Takara and Hasbro Released
  • Takara Exclusive
  • Hasbro Exclusive

Takara and Hasbro Released

Takara Exclusive

Hasbro Exclusive

Hasbro released these recolored versions of their originally released Hidden Spirit Beyblades:

  • Hayate 2 - A navy blue recolor of Hayate.
  • Salamalyon 2 - An orange recolor of Salamalyon.
  • Griffolyon 2- A purple recolor of Griffolyon.
  • Zinrai 2 - A green recolor of Zinrai.

Ruling Clarification

Out of the Hidden Spirit series the Attack Rings of Griffolyon and Salamalyon as well as their respective recolours are the only tournament legal parts.

Mold Differences

While the Takara releases have the poles to attach the figure parts on the Blade Bases, the Hasbro releases opted to have the attachment points put onto the AR and as such the Takara and Hasbro versions are noticeably different.


Some Beyblades of this series are quite easy to find, but the Takara exclusive releases are exceedingly rare and represent some of the most unknown Beyblades of the Plastic series. Overall, the Hidden Spirit series should only be bought for collection purposes, with the only exception being Griffolyon and its recolors due to its Attack Ring.