Hell Kerbecs BD145DS

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Hell Kerbecs BD145DS
Number: BB-99
System: Metal Fight Beyblade
Type: Stamina

Note: Hell Kerbecs BD145DS was released as a starter by TAKARA-TOMY with the Light Launcher 2, while the Sonokong starter was released with the Snipe Launcher.

Hell Kerbecs BD145DS is the second Beyblade in the Maximum Series. Hell Kerbecs BD145DS's "gimmick" is the "maximum diameter" of its Metal Wheel and Track.

Name Change

Hell Kerbecs BD145DS was released by Hasbro as Hades Kerbecs BD145DS.

Face: Kerbecs

The Face on this Beyblade depicts Cerberus, a former constellation in space and Kerberos, the 3-headed dog of the underworld and also Hades's pet.

Clear Wheel: Kerbecs

  • Weight: 3.3 grams

This Clear Wheel was released in a translucent yellow. Like its Metal Wheel, it is split into three parts, each separated by a notch. The pattern repeated around Kerbecs depicts interlocked chains. Kerbecs is one of the heaviest and well-balanced Clear Wheels available, and has great use in Defense and Stamina customizations. Being one of the few three-sided Clear Wheels, Kerbecs is especially useful for three-sided Metal Wheels such as Hell and Ray.

Metal Wheel: Hell

  • Weight: 39.6 grams

Hell was first released in a radiant gold colour. As a part of the Maximum Series, it had the largest diameter of any Metal Wheel ever released. However, Big Bang has since been shown to have an equal diameter.

Hell is split into three different wings which are shaped to represent the Three-Headed Dog, Kerberos, and between each of them is a large gap allowing BD145's protrusions (while in Boost Mode) to point upwards past the bottom of the Metal Wheel. On the side of each wing are four indents which, in addition to the end of each wing which ends in a pointed "head" for Smash Attack, increase Hell's Attack capabilities. Due to its heavy weight, its relatively high recoil is lessened by a significant amount and because of this, as listed above, in combination with BD145 (Boost Mode) it can be used effectively in Stamina customs.

Use in Attack Customizations

Hell's three wings and Smash Attack points provide consistent results against top-tier Defense customizations in the combo MF Hell Kerbecs BD145RF.

Track: Boost Disk 145

  • Weight: 8 grams

BD145 shares a similar trait with its partner Hell, in that, like Hell is one of the widest Metal Wheels ever released, BD145 is the widest Track ever. This Track is unique both because of its width and also its ability to change modes. Changing modes is similar to how it is done with SW145, however this time, instead of removing the changeable part from the bottom and flipping it, it is removed from the top and then flipped. BD145 has two modes:

  • Normal Mode

In Normal Mode the "Boost Disk" sits lower on the Track, which causes most Beyblades to scrape the Beystadium floor easily due to the three downward facing protrusions. However, when using a taller Bottom such as RF, this tendency is lessened somewhat, and the wide diameter of BD145, while it is not able to necessarily provide Smash Attack, it assists in "pushing" the opposing Beyblade out of the Beystadium.

  • Boost Mode

Boost Mode works exclusively in combination with Hell. The three upward facing protrusions on BD145 go past the bottom of the Metal Wheel into the gaps of Hell itself and unlike Normal Mode, there is absolutely no space between the Metal Wheel and Boost Disk. This mode has proven to be incredibly effective in Stamina, Defense, and even Attack customizations.

Use in Attack Customizations

Somewhat surprisingly, BD145 found use in Attack customizations such as MF Lightning L-Drago BD145LRF. The increased diameter allowed by BD145 makes it easier to strike the opposing Beyblade, and in combination with the high Smash Attack of Lightning L-Drago and the speed of LRF, this combination is deadly.

Use in Defense Customizations

BD145 is the heaviest Track available, and that along with the fact that it almost completely nullifies low Attackers makes it one of the best Defense Tracks available. It can be used in the custom MF-H Basalt Kerbecs BD145CS/MB.

Use in Balance Customization

Along with having great Stamina, the combo MF Hell Bull/Kerbecs BD145CS (Boost Mode) also has good Defense against Attackers which will be partially neutralized by both the wide, plastic "Boost Disk", and the rubber surrounding the sharp tip of CS.

Bottom: Defense Sharp

  • Weight: 0.73 grams

DS is essentially a hollowed out Defense bottom with a thinner Sharp tip placed in the middle, leaving a gap in between it and the outer "ring" that is created. There is no reason to use this Bottom over the multitude of other options available for both Stamina and Defense, such as RS, CS, WD, and SD.

Other Versions

  • Hell Kerbecs BD145EWD Blue Inferno Ver. - WBBA Exclusive (Blue)
  • Hell Kerbecs BD145DS Inferno Ver. - CoroCoro Lottery, later released with Mani DVD Set (Red)



Hell Kerbecs BD145DS is a great Stamina customization out of the box. DS is negligible, but both Hell and BD145 make up for it by working very well in all types. Every Blader should own at least one of this Beyblade.