Galaxy Pegasis DX Set

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Galaxy Pegasis DX Set
Beyblade BB76.jpg
Number: BB-76
System: Metal Fight Beyblade

TAKARA-TOMY released this set on April 24th, 2010.



This Set contains some competitively useful parts. The MFB Attack Type BeyStadium is the most preferred stadium in Metal Fight Beyblade, as it is the most balanced toward all types, contrarily to what its name suggests. The BeyLauncher is also arguably the most powerful launcher to date, being only surpassed by the very inconsistent Rev-Up Launcher. The 3 Segment Launcher Grip, while not an absolute essential, is appreciated by some Bladers for the comfort a grip can provide, along with a more controlled launch. Though Galaxy Pegasis has mostly outclassed parts, its Bottom, R²F, is a top-tier Attack Bottom.

Although it is now out of production, this Set can still be obtained fairly easily. Its contents, while generally unneeded if one already possesses similar accessories and parts, makes it a decent entry set for starting competitive Bladers.