Fusion Hades AD145SWD

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Fusion Hades AD145SWD
Number: BB-123
System: Metal Fight Beyblade
Type: Balance

Face: Hades

The Hades Face mark shows a warrior with wicked hair. One side of the head has sharper lines, with sharper hair and a visible eye within the helmet, but the right side is seemingly cloaked in smoke, and that side of the head seems to collapse and create a scary entity.

4D Clear Wheel: Hades BeywikiBannerBad.jpg

  • Weight: 3.20 grams

This Clear Wheel has generic long curves. Its main design trait is the two white shields on each side of the Face, and links made of armour separate each of them, as well as blue ribbons. There are also two big blue dots in the middle of each link.

4D Metal Wheel: Fusion BeywikiBannerBad.jpg

  • Weight: 44.00 grams

Fusion is the first 4D Metal Wheel to include a full rubber part. Its Metal Frame and its Rubber Frame lock in with a simple square teeth system, and the same mechanism is used for the Core.

Metal Frame

  • Weight: 27.31 grams

It is shaped like a circle with only a few reliefs in the form of bumps on the circumference. In its center ridge, there are four rectangles cut into it, which allows the Metal Frame to slide into the Core and lock well without rattling. There are also two slightly angled parts on each side of the Metal Frame which seem to complete the shape of the shields on the Hades Clear Wheel.

Rubber Frame

  • Weight: 4.58 grams

Fusion's Rubber Frame has essentially the same shape as its Metal Frame. Its bumps slightly protrude from in between the Metal Frame's though.

In Defense Mode, the Rubber Frame is on top of the Metal Frame, which helps absorb the impacts from other Beyblades.

When in Balance Mode, the combination of the Rubber and Metal Frames is flipped to show the metal part on top. Its roundness helps keep balance, hence the name of the mode.


  • Weight: 12.11 grams

Its Core is of a regular shape which has rectangular forms to help lock the Metal Frame and Rubber Frame onto it. This part is the only one from the Fusion 4D Metal Wheel that remains in the same position for the mode changes.

Track: Armor Defense 145 BeywikiBannerOK.jpg

Weight: 2.8 grams Full Width: 28 mm Full Height: 14.50 mm Declination Angle: ~ 32°

AD145 is shaped like the head of a funnel, completely round with ridges lining the sides all the way around. In fact, its shape is intended to resemble that of an armor, hence its name. Despite what the latter part of its name might suggest though, Tracks such as 230 and GB145 outclass AD145 as a defensive Track due to its relatively light weight in comparison to GB145 and its diminutive stature when compared to 230, which makes it unable it to absorb hits as 230 does. With the introduction of BD145, this Track has definitely been surpassed in Defense. However, AD145 has actually proved to be better suited for Stamina in certain cases, due to the outward weight distribution it has compared to other top tier Stamina Tracks, thus making it top-tier in this area. It is also the Track of choice for comparative Stamina testing.

Use in Stamina Customizations

AD145 can be used in the combo Phantom Aquario AD145WD/SD to create a top-tier Stamina-type Beyblade.

Bottom: Sharp Wide Defense BeywikiBannerBad.jpg

Weight: 0.82 gram Full Width: 15.67 mm Tip Width: 14.58 mm Full Height: 8.96 mm Tip Height: 6.50 mm

SWD has an odd shape: it's basically a small sharp tip encased in a straight, circular frame of plastic, leaving a hole between the tip and the frame. From the side, SWD looks like a large FS with a smaller tip.

Other Versions