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(Use in Smash Attack Customization:)
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===Use in [[Smash Attack]] Customization:===
===Use in [[Smash Attack]] Customization:===
*'''AR''': Eight Spiker [[Dragoon G]]
*'''AR''': Eight Spiker ([[Dragoon G]])
*'''WD''': Wide Defense
*'''WD''': Wide Defense
*'''SG''': Neo Left with HMC [[Metal Driger]]
*'''SG''': Neo Left with HMC ([[Metal Driger]])
*'''BB''': Fantom Grip Base
*'''BB''': Fantom Grip Base

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Dragoon Fantom
[[Image: |150px]]
Number: A-25
System: 5-Layer
Type: Attack

Attack Ring (AR): Dual Dragon

  • Weight: 6 grams

The Dual Dragon can be considered an upgrade of Reverse Dragon (Dragoon S' AR). It has four projected : all of these are very special. Infact, the red part of the attack ring is made of a substance called Dual Carbonate. This makes the attack ring a little more durable, and absorbs some shock from hits. Dual Dragon is an AR designed for attacking in left spin. This AR is outclassed by other AR with a bigger attack power. For this reason the Dual Dragon has no real use for competitive game.

Weight Disk (WD): Eight Wide

See Eight Wide

Spin Gear (SG): Left SG

  • Weight: 4 grams

Blade Base (BB): Fantom Grip

  • Weight: 6 grams

Fantom Grip comes with a flat rubber tip. Fantom Grip is a bit taller than its precedessor, Storm Grip. Due to this Fantom Grip isn't a good choice for the Upper Attack. Fantom Grip actually has less endurance than Storm Grip. Overall, Fantom Grip is a much worse Blade Base than Storm Grip. Anyway, Fantom Grip Base can be used to mild effectiveness in smash/upper combos:

Use in Smash Attack Customization:

Use in Upper Attack Customization:

Other Versions

  • Dragoon F - Phantom Force Version
  • Dragoon F - Black Version (Sold with a Game Boy play)



It is a beyblade for collectors, or bladers that haven't got a flat rubber tip. It comes with a Left Rotation Launcher and a Dragoon Winder. Not a must-have, but still a good blade if you're looking for some components that you haven't got.