Big Mac 320YEN

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Big Mac 320YEN
Number: McD-01
System: Value Meal System
Type: Caloric

Face: McDonald

The face of this Beyblade is coronated by McDonald’s Golden Arches. The design is simple, yet elegant. Be forewarned that the face serves no purpose in structural integrity of the Beyblade.

Clear Wheel: Mac

  • Weight: N/A

This Clear Wheel consists of the top slice of the bun. It is enriched with meticulously placed sesame seeds. Since Mac is very soft, it can absorb any impact from an opposing Beyblade. Due to the prominent seeds adorning its top, however, its best attribute is Attack, being most effective against Hunger types.

Metal Wheel: Big

  • Weight: N/A

Big is made of tenderized beef patty, some lettuce, pickles, onions, another slice of bread, as well as the trademarked Special Sauce. The included pickles provide negligible Roller Defense, but the protrusions formed by the rest of the salad provide important Smash Attack. Big is relatively small, but that short diameter allows the Clear Wheel, Mac, to make a lot more contact with other Beyblades. The upper part of it, the tenderized steak, breaks with ease. This is Big’s most glaring fault.

Track: 320

  • Weight: N/A

320 has a second piece of steak, as well as a slice of orange cheese and another set of lettuce. Although it is not actually 32.0 mm tall, this Track still gives some Stamina in theory, and the salad and cheese act as a saw, temporarily destabilizing and dirtying any Attacker’s Wheel. The greatest issue with 320 is that its balance is fairly poor, yet this can be solved by adding fruit bags to your combo to compensate.

Bottom: YEN

  • Weight: N/A

Somehow, even if YEN is made of the closing piece of bread at the bottom of a hamburger, its overall flatness does not stop this Bottom from providing considerable Life for a bread. This must be caused by the very smooth and soft surface of the food. It provides impeccable balance in all areas.



The Big Mac 320YEN, even if its qualities are questionable, is an irresistible combination of two all beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions on a sesame seed bun that will entice even the toughest of Bladers. Considering what it's made of, it weighs in at a whopping 216 grams. This makes it the heaviest Beyblade available. When assembled, it is one big Happy Meal. You'll be lovin' it.