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The following abbreviations are commonly used in reference to Plastic, Heavy Metal System, and Metal Fight Beyblade Beyblade's:


  • BC: Bit Chip
  • AR: Attack Ring
  • WD: Weight Disk
  • SG: Spin Gear
  • MG: Magnetic
  • MW: Metal Weight
  • CEW: Customize Engine Weight
  • EG: Engine Gear
  • SP: Support Part
  • BB: Beyblade Base



  • FB: Face Bolt
  • MF: Metal Face
  • MF-H: Metal Face Heavy
  • MF-L: Metal Face Light
  • MF-M: Metal Face Middle
  • MF-F: Metal Face Feather
  • MW: Metal Wheel
  • CW: Clear Wheel
  • For MFB part abbreviations (RF, WD, ES, etc.), please see the Beyblade Parts List.