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The World Beyblade Organization is a Beyblade fansite that was opened on October 7, 2007, originally under the name of Beywiki, after being created in the span of 48 hours by the former webmaster, Bey Brad. Beywiki was pushed online with little content but was quickly populated by Bladers from all over the world. Within just a few days it became the world's most active Beyblade website. However, Beywiki quickly rocketed away from its humble origins to attain its status as the most popular Beyblade website in the world and on December 4, 2008, the website was relaunched as the World Beyblade Organization as an answer to the lack of an international governing body for Beyblade competition outside of Japan.

The WBO consists of two primary parts:

  • The Forums, which serve as a means of communication for Bladers all over the world. Bladers can discuss Beyblade news, strategies, customizations, compete in the revolutionary World Battle System with other Bladers to become the best Beyblader in the world, along with chatting in several off-topic forums. The discussion for how to proceed with the Wiki also occurs here.
  • The Wiki, which functions as an encyclopedia for Beyblade. While the original project was set up to allow anyone to edit it, to avoid vandalism and to adhere to specific quality guidelines Bladers must now be approved by the editorial staff before they are permitted to edit the Wiki. With the advent of the WBO however, the wiki has been relegated into a side project, with the communities importance being brought to the forefront.

The ultimate goal of the WBO is to not only maintain the interest in Beyblade among current Bladers, but also to inspire those who are new to the hobby and to reach out to all Beybladers around the world so that we can truly become the largest Beyblade Organization in the world.