Ragnaruk Heavy Survive

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Ragnaruk Heavy Survive
Number: B-03
System: Beyblade Burst
Type: Stamina

Layer: Ragnaruk

  • Weight:

Based on Ragnarok, a series of apocalyptic events in the Norse mythology, Ragnaruk shows designs of flames all over its top. Similar to Spriggan, the orange plastic under the clear casing is focused on two main sections opposite one another on the circumference to draw heads that are aflame. Its attack points are two blunt corners at the beginning of those sections.

Disk: Heavy

  • Weight:

This Disk has four evenly spread blocks on its ring to create added weight and consequently small square protrusions.

Driver: Survive

  • Weight:

Survive possesses a fairly angled sharp tip similar to Metal Fight Beyblade's Defense (D) Bottom.

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