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MFB Shooter


This is the standard shooter for MFB. Due to its shape, it is somewhat awkward to hold if you have larger hands, but adding the Beypointer should add a bit of stability for people who don't have the Launcher Grip.

It has some very distinct similarities and even compatibilities with the EZShooter of the plastic generation. This shooter is compatible with all plastic generation winders. The reasoning for this is because the gear system in the MFB Shooter is essentially a larger version of the one seen in EZShooters. The MFB shooter does not have multi-directional capabilities, as was possible with the Dual Shooter in HMS.

The two prongs that hook onto the Beyblade are slightly different from the EZShooter; you first insert the prongs into the slots beside the Face, and then turn it so that they can hook on.


The Beypointer can be attached to the shooter, and it is used to keep track of your points. Every Blader begins with 1000 points. After each battle, the two players connect their Beypointers and each will lose/gain 10 points depending on if they won or lost. The Beypointer can also be connected to machines like the Bey Ta 1 and a Nintendo DS console through a Beypoint Reader, and it will keep track of all the points that are gained throughout those games. It is unclear how TAKARA-TOMY will prevent cheating using these because you could easily purchase two of them and connect them to get an infinite amount of points, and special Passwords were revealed at official events that can give a player from 100 to 500 points each. The Beypointer will not have much use outside of Japan however because the WBBA (World BeyBlade Association) is only active in Japan at the moment.

Complaints about the Light Launcher

The main complaint among players is that it is too similar to the EZShooter, which is a step back from what was standardized in the HMS era with the Dual Shooter. The fact that plastic generation winders have no trouble working on the MFB Shooter shows an obvious regression in technology. Here is a comparison between each era of shooters and how many revolutions you get out of one winder pull:

  • EZ Shooter (10 toothed gear) with Standard Winder: 4.5 full revolutions
  • EZ Shooter (10 toothed gear) with Dragon Winder/Neo Dragon Winder: 6.6 full revolutions
  • Dual Shooter with G-Winder: approximately 5.3 Revolutions
  • Light Launcher (15 toothed gear) with Standard Plastic Winder: approximately 2.9 full revolutions
  • Light Launcher (15 toothed gear) with MFB Winder: approximately 4 full revolutions

As the data shows, even with MFB's new, longer winder, it still has less full revolutions than the EZShooter. Which in turn, lowers MFB's potential RPM. Because of the additional teeth on the gear, the gear ratio is reduced. This is the reason for the reduced number of revolutions per winder pull.


Please see the winder article for more information.