Legend Beyblade Set

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Legend Beyblade Set
Number: None
System: Metal Fight Beyblade



The Legend Beyblade Set was only released through a very limited campaign held by TAKARA-TOMY in conjunction with their Cross Fight B-Daman toyline. The Beyblade prizes in this Japanese campaign titled "2012 Dragon Campaign" were Diablo Nemesis X:D Dragren Ver. (red) and the Legend Beyblade Set. Each prize exists in only one hundred units respectively. For this reason, only two or three of these sets were spotted on Japanese auction sites for very high sums. To win, Japanese residents had two months, between December 2011 and February 2012, to send a given number of barcodes from Beyblade products to TAKARA-TOMY, and the winner was chosen randomly.

This Set is presented with the Beyblades set inside a carton box with the graphics of the 4D packages printed all over it. A regular Diablo Nemesis X:D is also pictured within them as a referrence to the anime, where Big Bang Pegasis, L-Drago Destroy, Fang Leone and Phantom Orion are partly responsible for Diablo Nemesis' revival. However, in the show, these Beyblades and their owners are actually called the Season Bladers, while the Legend Bladers are mostly the characters who have Beyblades based on the nine/ten planets of the solar system.

In general, this Set contains recolours that are so rare that, even if B:D and Phantom are parts with great use in Stamina, they are simply not worth playing with because any use would severely ruin the paint that covers the Beyblades included in this Set. In conclusion, this Set, or any recoloured Beyblades from this Set, should be purchased if found at a reasonable price because it has immeasurable collector value.