HMS Twin Battle Bey Double Shooter Set

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HMS Twin Battle Bey Double Shooter Set
Number: A-130
System: HMS


General Info

This set was the first release of the Tornado Balance Stadium. It was later released on its own as one of the earliest releases of the Heavy Metal System series. This set is the only way to obtain the original version of Wyvern DJ from Takara.



This set includes has some highly useful pieces for the Heavy Metal System: Dragoon MS is essential for HMS attack combinations and the Tornado Balance Stadium is one of the most used stadiums of the HMS period. However the other pieces of the set have almost no use competitively and Gaia Dragoon MS and Driger MS are both very easy to find. This set is incredibly rare and nearly impossible to find, and although many of the parts are outclassed, the Tornado Balance Stadium and Dragoon MS–both of which are expensive and difficult to find–make it a highly valuable set. If you are able to find one you should definitely purchase it.