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See [[Ten Wide]].
See [[Ten Wide]].
== Spin Gear (SG): Neo Right SG ([[S-MG Core]]) ==
== Spin Gear (SG): Neo Right SG (S-MG Core) ==
See [[Neo Right SG]]
See [[Spin Gear#V and V2 Series Spin Gears | Neo Right SG]]
== Blade Base (BB): SG Metal Flat 2 ==
== Blade Base (BB): SG Metal Flat 2 ==

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Gaia Dragoon V (Vurst)
Number: A-78
System: 5-Layer/Magnacore
Type: Attack

Attack Ring (AR): Dragon Breaker

  • Weight: 8 grams

Dragon Breaker has an unorthodox shaped AR. It is more in the shape of an oval and contains two distinctive sets of spikes. The first set of spikes are slanted in shape while the second set contains several smaller spikes. Because of this, it is unable to have stable hits when in contact with opposing Beyblades. In order to maximize its potential Smash Attack, it must used in left spin, however, the combination of a higher Smash Attack with its unorthodox shape causes it to recoil frequently making it not worth using.

Dragon Breaker also has a free-spinning S-AR that contains four spikes. It does contain some amount of Smash Attack in left spin as well. However, when the S-AR gets in contact with opposing force, it hinders the rest of the Beyblade instead of spinning freely because of its larger structure unlike other S-ARs such as War Lion (Galeon).

Weight Disk (WD): Ten Wide

See Ten Wide.

Spin Gear (SG): Neo Right SG (S-MG Core)

See Neo Right SG

Blade Base (BB): SG Metal Flat 2

  • Weight: 5 grams

The BB of Gaia Dragoon V, SG Metal Flat 2, is the second BB released with a metal flat tip with SG Metal Flat (Driger V) being the first.

SG Metal Flat 2 is the improved version of SG Flat because it is 1 gram heavier and remains nearly the same height. The most distinct change in this BB is having a metal flat tip. Because of this, the Spin Velocity of the BB when spinning increases due to less friction against the stadium surface. This makes it one of the most useful BB for Attack-types such as Smash Attack and Upper Attack.

Use in Smash Attack Customization

Although the metal flat tip isn't as fast as other BBs with grip tips such as Grip Base (Grip Attacker) and Customize Grip 2 (Takara Uriel 2), its Survival ability lasts longer allowing more hits to happen. Here is an example:

Triple Wing, one of the best Smash Attack ARs, combined with Wide Defense accounts for the offense in this. Although the wings of the AR aren't as exposed due to the WD, the Wide Defense adds to the amount of Smash Attack it has from the notches along it. Together with SG Metal Flat 2,

Use in Attack Customization

Triple Tiger has the capability of both Smash Attack as well as Upper Attack depending on how it is used. In this case, because SG Metal Flat 2 is about the average height for an Attack-type base, it has chances to perform both types of Attack. Although versatile with both Smash Attack and Upper Attack, its only flaw is that it doesn't truly focus on just one type of Attack. If you want to focus on just Upper Attack, a lower BB such as Storm Grip (Dragoon S) should be used.

Other Versions

  • Gaia Dragoon V - Limited Edition Yellow Version
  • Gaia Dragoon V - Limited Edition Red Version



Although Gaia Dragoon V's SG Metal Flat 2 isn't the fastest Attack-type BB, it is the next best choice to use. Asides from that factor, its usefulness comes from its metal flat tip. The metal flat tip is more sustainable against the stadium surface compared to both plastic and grip tips. It also has a better Survival rate compared to those two tips. The AR, Dragon Breaker, is negligible. Every player should buy this Beyblade.