Dragoon GT

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Dragoon GT (Galaxy Turbo)
Dragoon GT 3.jpg
Number: A-112
System: Engine Gear
Type: Attack

Attack Ring (AR): G Upper

  • Weight: 7 grams

The AR of Dragoon GT was built for Upper Attack. It has four ramps which allow for a wide range of reach. When used un-customized, the height of the blade itself makes this negligible. Another affecting factor is that the rather shallow lifting curve limits the lifting potential of this AR, and it was generally allowed to be outclassed by other parts. However, when used in Right Spin this part has some amount of Force Smash.

Weight Disk (WD): Ten Wide

See Wide Weight Disks

Spin Gear (SG): Left Engine Gear (Turbo)

The "Turbo" EG Version is a successor to the Normal EG Version as it provides a release four times stronger than before. This makes it very valuable in the EG type tier.

Customize Engine Weight (CEW)

The Metal Grip CEW is not very useful for an Attacker as it slows down movement through its heavy weight. This also causes much of the EG power to be hindered with. However, when changed to a Metal Semi-Flat CEW, performance will become satisfactory. For Example:

  • AR: 8 Spiker (Dragoon G)
  • WD:

*SG: Left Engine Gear (Turbo)

  • BB: First Clutch Base (Dragoon G Version)
  • CET: Metal Semi-Flat

Blade Base (BB): First Clutch Base (Dragoon GT Version)

  • Weight: 7 grams

This BB allows the EG to release at the immediate start of battle. Due to a secondary AR attached onto this, Smash Attack capabilities are also present. The recoil, although strong, can work in the favour of either player because it can either KO the opposing blade or KO itself. This also makes it very prone to breakage.

Other Versions

Dragoon GT *SPECIAL* Starter set (Black)


Other than the SG (which was a must have in the EG generation), there is no real justification for use of this Beyblade.