Spriggan Spread Fusion

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Spriggan Spread Fusion
Number: B-02
System: Beyblade Burst
Type: Balance

Layer: Spriggan

  • Weight:

This Layer has two larger sections on opposite sides of the circumference, both enhanced by excess red plastic underneath the transparent casing, distributing most of the weight in these parts. Based on the spriggan fairies from Cornish lore, the red plastic on the underside of Spriggan illustrates two faces back to back with ax-like shapes coming out between each head. From one large section of the overall Layer to the other, a mostly circular thin line with only one diamond protrusion links the two together.

Disk: Spread

  • Weight:

Spread consists of a downward bowl with scythe shapes embossed into its upper side. Its name comes from the intention of the manufacturer for the weight to be evenly spread around the circumference.

Driver: Fusion

  • Weight:

The tip of the Fusion Driver is flat with a small sharp point protruding in the middle.

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