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Number: 16
System: 4-Layer
Type: Attack

Name Variation

Pumpking was released by Hasbro as Bump King.

Attack Ring (AR): Upper Force Ring

Weight: 4 grams

This AR has three triangle shaped wings that would be used for Smash Attack in left spin. However, due to first generation limitations, this AR may only be used in right spin. In this spin direction, the large and flat projections create incredible amounts of recoil while providing minimal Attack; essentially nullifying any potential use it may have had. Useless and fragile, this is often considered one of the worst ARs ever created.

Weight Disk (WD): Wide

See Wide Weight Disks.

Blade Base (BB): Semi-Flat Base

See Semi-Flat Base


This Beyblade is composed of completely useless and outclassed parts, aside from the Base (which is available in much more useful Beyblades such as Bistool and Roller Defenser), and a continual source of jokes within the Beyblade community. There is absolutely no reason to purchase this Beyblade outside of collection purposes.