Wolborg 2

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Wolborg 2
Number: A-39
System: 5-Layer
Type: Defense/Survival

Attack Ring (AR): Upper Wolf

  • Weight: 6 grams

The AR of Upper Wolf has three sloped spikes made for Upper Attack as its name suggests, however, it lacks the ability for any attack due to how short the projections are. There is almost no use whatsoever for this AR.

Weight Disk (WD): Eight Balance

See Eight Balance.

Spin Gear (SG): Right SG (Bearing Version 2)

This SG is the upgrade to SG (Bearing Version) (Wolborg). It contains the same casing as well as a bearing and free-spinning shaft, but the main difference with it is its shaft. Unlike the shaft of Wolborg, the shaft of Wolborg 2 has a rubber tip connected to it on the end instead of a plastic tip. This gives it the advantage of defense over that of . The use of rubber tips haven’t been commonly used for defense due to it’s dramatic decrease in its survival rate from the friction between the tip on the stadium‘s surface, but this is an exception since the tip is connected to the shaft. Normally, a rubber tip would just spin along with the rest of the BB, but in this case, the rubber tip keeps the shaft still while, but the bearing inside the SG allows the rest of the Beyblade to spin as it would normally.

Another factor that the rubber tip has an affect on is the overall height of the Beyblade. This makes the Beyblade more vulnerable to Upper Attack customizations compared to . The use of this SG with Customize Grip Base (Dragoon V2) with a SP such as Defense Ring (Voltaic Ape) or Cross Survivor (Dranzer V2) can help to prevent KOs.

Ruling Clarification

Although the rubber tip may come off, the shaft can not be used without it.

Placing Other Shafts in the SG (Bearing Version 2)

You can place the shaft of Metal Dragoon Bearing Stinger's Bearing Base 2 and Wolborg's SG (Bearing Version) inside the casing of SG (Bearing Version 2). However, the casing of SG (Bearing Version) and SG (Bearing Version 2) are identical; only the shaft itself is different.

Use in Second Generation Zombies

An example combo would be:

Although it was possible to use SG (Bearing Version 2) for Zombie customizations, it’s taller height compared to SG (Bearing Version) (Wolborg) made it more vulnerable to Attack-type customizations that could knock it off balance.

Use in Third Generation Zombies

An example combo would be:

Customize Grips capability to hold a SP made SG (Bearing Version 2) more useable. Although the rubber tip still increases its overall height, the SP can help it stay balanced against attacks from Upper Attack customizations.

Use in Defense Customization

An example combo would be:

The weight distribution on this customization is centered in the middle which gives it a higher spin velocity. It also helps to improve the overall balance of the customization since SG (Bearing Version 2) normally has bad balance on its own.

Blade Base (BB): SG Defense Grip 2

  • Weight: 10 grams

This BB was primarily used for Second Generation Zombies because of how its BB was nearly in the form of a perfect circle as well as having a wider circumference than any BB capable of holding a spin free shaft at the time. This BB was later outclassed when Customize Grip Base was released due to its ability to hold a SP.

Other Versions


Wolborg 2 contains some negligible parts such as the AR, which has no primary use, as well as the BB since it is out of date. The only part worth getting the Beyblade for is the SG that contains the bearing and shaft. The bearing and shaft is an essential part to get since it can improve a Zombie customization's defense due to its rubber grip tip which helps to prevent KOs. The only flaw with the shaft is, like any other rubber grip tip, that it can wear down eventually. It is key to having a mint tip for a better defense. Every blader should own multiples of this Beyblade.