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Wing Pegasis is TAKARA-TOMY's attempt to make a simplified Big Bang Pegasis.
==Face: Pegasis III==
==Face: Pegasis III==

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Wing Pegasis 90WF
Number: BB-121
System: Metal Fight Beyblade
Type: Attack

Face: Pegasis III

4D Clear Wheel: Pegasis III

  • Weight: 3.1 grams

4D Metal Wheel: Wing

  • Weight: 45.1 grams

In general, Wing is a remolded version of Big Bang Pegasis. Its 4D gimmick is nothing new and, at first sight, it could seem completely negligible seeing as there are barely any differences between the modes physically, but surprisingly, its performance varies.

Metal Frame

  • Weight: 16.6 grams

The Metal Frame is Wing's thinnest part. It consists of a circle frame with three protrusions in the shape of triangles. Each of those protrusions has an inclination, a size and a height which varies ever-so-slightly from the others. On the underside of the Metal Frame are two small walls to lock into the Core. Most importantly though, on the top, there's an arrow engraved in it. Depending on where this arrow is positioned on the Core, the mode changes, and different protrusions of the Metal Frame are exposed out of the Core's wings.

In Ironclad Attack Mode, there are no protrusions particularly sticking out. Thus, this mode is more defensive. It's also referred to as being "0": it has no intentional attacking points.

In Mortal Blow Attack Mode, also "1", there's one protrusion that is farther from the center than the others, therefore this irregularity in the circular shape of Wing creates one point of Attack. The protrusion out in the open in this mode is more or less isolated from the two wings of the Core that are besides it.

In Pound Attack Mode, there are two protrusions that are active while the third one is closer to the Core, and mixes in with its circular shape more. Wing has the most offensive properties in this mode.


  • Weight: 28.5 grams

Wing's Core is very bulky. In general, it is made to resemble a unified Big Bang, therefore it has three wings with litteral feather designs. The space between each wing varies slightly in order to allow different protrusions of the Metal Frame to stick out: some of the areas are bigger, some are smaller. To help the recognition of the three modes made possible with Wing, numbers are engraved inside the Core, on its top, for each of its wings. For instance, when you align the arrow on the Metal Frame with the number "0", Wing is in Ironclad Attack Mode; when "1" is chosen, it's in Mortal Blow Attack Mode; etc.

Track: 90

  • Weight: 0.9 grams

90 was the lowest Track until the release of 85 with Mercury Anubis. Its low height is good for both low Attack customizations and low Stamina customizations, but is outclassed slightly in both regards by the aforementioned 85.

Use in Attack Customization

If 85 is unavailable, 90 can still be effective in Attack customizations such as MF Vulcan Horuseus 90R²F.

Use in Stamina Customization

If 85 is unavailable, 90 can be put to use in the Stamina customization Earth Bull 90WD.

Bottom: Wide Flat

  • Weight: 0.6 grams

WF, like the name suggests, is a wider version of F. Its significantly larger surface area allows it to travel much faster than F. However, due to the fact that it is plastic, it is slower than RF, as it does not produce as much friction with the stadium floor and is not able to neutralize the recoil of certain Wheels as efficiently as RF. It has also much more trouble maintaining the "flower pattern" from a Sliding Shoot due to this. The upside to its lower friction is that it has much better Stamina than RF, allowing it to be used in destabilizing attackers.

Use in Attack Customization

WF works exceptionally well in the destabilizing attacker MF L Drago 100WF. MF increases the weight of the Beyblade, which is important in this case because L Drago is one of the lightest Wheels ever created, and while it may not have terribly high recoil, the fact that it is utilizing a plastic Flat Bottom with less friction than a rubber-based Flat Bottom, makes it easier to KO. The 100 Track lowers the Beyblade to a level where it is able to destabilize any opponent, without the risk of scraping the floor with a Track such as 85 or 90. Additionally, it also provides it with a minutely increased amount of precession time, which is vital for this custom, as it will regularly win by a fraction of a second. WF provides enough movement speed to help it KO it's opponent, while still retaining a relatively high amount of Stamina for an Attack type.

When pitted against Defense customizations not utilizing 230, this combo has an almost 100% win rate, and will win both by KO and out-spin depending on which parts it's opponent is using.

Against Stamina customizations utilizing 230, it performs poorly, just as it does against 230-based Defense customs, but against any other height MF L Drago 100WF has a decent chance at victory depending on the condition of the Bottom it's opponent is using, the strength of their opponents launch, and the Wheel being utilized.

Versus conventional Attack types utilizing a rubber-based Bottom such as RF, it also has a decent chance at victory. However, this is only if it is able to outrun said Bottom, something which is entirely possible with WF's high movement speed which rivals that of RF. In these instances it also has the ability to win by KO–often by simply "pushing" the opponent out of the stadium as it circles the Tornado Ridge (remember, WF has a tough time retaining the "flower" pattern)–or via out-spin due to its higher Stamina compared to the RF custom.

This combo is far from being perfect, but it is a very safe combo to use in a competitive situation, as you will almost always have at least a chance of winning.

Other Versions

  • Wing Pegasis S130MB - World Championships 2012 Special, "World Congress Commemorative Model", WHF merchandise (Dark blue Metal Frame, blue Core)