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==Other Versions==
==Other Versions==
* '''Storm Aquario M145Q''' – Hybrid Wheel Reshuffle Set (Attack & Balance) (Clear Red)
* '''Storm Aquario M145Q''' – Hybrid Wheel Reshuffle Set (Attack & Balance) (Clear Red)
* '''Rock Aquario 125SF''' – Faceoff: Pegasis Tornado Wing (Lime Green)

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Wind Aquario 100HF/S
Number: BB-37
System: Hybrid Wheel System
Type: Attack

Note: Wind Aquario 100HF/S is only obtainable through Random Booster Light Vol.2 Wind Aquario 100HF/S, where it is the "prize" Beyblade. Hasbro released this Beyblade with the Metal Wheel equivalent of Wind, Storm, as Storm Aquario 100HF/S.

Face: Aquario

The Face on this Beyblade depicts Aquarius, the eleventh astrological sign in the Zodiac.

Clear Wheel: Aquario

  • Weight: 3.2 grams

Aquario’s original release colour is navy, featuring a wave pattern which repeats itself four times. It is amongst the heaviest Clear Wheels, making it one of the best Clear Wheel choices for HWS based Defense customizations.

Light Wheel: Wind

Wind is the Light Wheel equivalent of Storm.

Track: 100

  • Weight: 1 grams

100 is currently the third lowest Track available. Its low height allows Attack-based Wheels such as Storm to make good contact with opposing Tracks and Wheels.

Use in Attack Customization

One of the exceptions to the rule of using 90 over 100 is in Storm Pegasis 100RF. It is a top-tier Attack customization; and has been proven through testing to allow Storm to more effectively utilize its Smash Attack capabilities.

Bottom: Hole Flat/Sharp

  • Weight: 0.9 grams

HF/S is Wind Aquario’s most unique part, and currently has not seen a regular re-release elsewhere by TAKARA-TOMY. It is the tallest Bottom to date. HF/S’ gimmick is mode-change. The idea behind the mode-change is potent as it allows users to adapt their strategy between rounds, so that they can adjust their type to counter their opponents. The user is able to change the tip manually between Hole Flat, and Sharp, by rotating the lower portion of the Bottom:

  • Sharp Mode:

There is balance problems associated with the Sharp Mode because of its height, and also just because it is a Sharp tip, which always have poor balance. There is no reason to choose this over Bottoms such as D, SD, or WD.

  • Hole Flat Mode:

Compared to the original HF Bottom, the HF of HF/S is much wider to accommodate enough space for the Sharp Bottom to fit through when changed. It is just as wide as WF, and as a result, is one of the fastest moving Bottoms available aside from RF and R²F. Its usefulness in traditional low Attack customizations is somewhat hindered by it being the tallest Bottom released to date, but the speed is still there, so it does have use.

Currently there are no competitive customizations utilizing HF/S, but it is an interesting Bottom to experiment with.

Other Versions

  • Storm Aquario M145Q – Hybrid Wheel Reshuffle Set (Attack & Balance) (Clear Red)
  • Rock Aquario 125SF – Faceoff: Pegasis Tornado Wing (Lime Green)



Wind Aquario 100HF/S is a valuable prize Beyblade, but is predominantly a novelty gimmick Beyblade; HF/S is not currently competitive and by no means necessary in achieving success, so as a result, this Beyblade’s only real worth is collectible value.