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#REDIRECT [[Valkyrie Wing Accel]]
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| image = ValkyrieWingAccele.jpg
| full item name = Valkyrie Wing Accele
| item number = B-01
| beyblade system = [[Beyblade Burst]]
| beyblade type = [[Attack]]
Valkyrie Wing Accele is the first release of the Beyblade Burst series and is owned by the protagonist, Bart, in the manga and anime.
==Layer: Valkyrie==
Valkyrie is a three-winged, right-spin Layer, with each wing protruding at two opposite places, one protrusion longer than the other. The attack left-pointing attack bits that are covered by red sticker highlights are angled upwards at their very end, letting the blue interior plastic come out unprotected. In the center of this Layer, the engraved emblem of a valkyrie can be seen, its wings accentuated by orange stickers.
==Disk: Wing==
This is a metallic ring made of six triangular wings, with four of them pointing downwards in left-spin.
==Driver: Accele==
Of standard height, this Driver consists of a base dome that culminates with a flat plastic tip. In the Starter release of Valkyrie, Accele is clear blue in color.
==Other Versions==
Image:Valkyrie_box.jpg|Valkyrie Wing Accele Starter box
Image:Valkyrie_Starter.jpg|Valkyrie Wing Accele Starter content
Image:Valkyrie_side.jpg|Valkyrie Wing Accele side view
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