Ultimate Reshuffle Set Perseus Ver.

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TAKARA-TOMY released this set on November 20th, 2010 for approximately 3780 yen.

Ultimate Reshuffle Set Perseus Ver.
Number: BB-97
System: Metal Fight Beyblade

With this Set, TAKARA-TOMY's intent was to provide equipments to build upon the original Gravity Perseus AD145WD, notably by introducing two new Clear Wheels for use only with Gravity: Perseus Attack Ver. and Perseus Stamina Ver. The release date of this Set also coincided with the winter holidays, creating an obvious perfect gift at parents' disposition, along with BB-98 Beyblade Reshuffle Set L-Drago Ver.


  • 3 Segment Launcher Grip (Black Ver.)
  • Beylauncher LR (Crystal Black Ver.)
  • Metal Face Custom Ver. (Red)
  • Perseus Attack Ver. (Clear Wheel, Green)
  • Perseus Defense Ver. (Clear Wheel, Pink)
  • Perseus Stamina Ver. (Clear Wheel, Dark Blue)
  • Gravity (Gold recolour)
  • Gravity
  • GB145
  • AD145 (Clear Black Ver.)
  • 105 (Turquoise Ver.)
  • 130 (Clear Purple Ver.)
  • S (Clear Yellow Ver.)
  • WD (Clear Black Ver.)
  • F (Turquoise Ver.)
  • RS (Clear Purple Ver.)


Between the two special Beyblade Reshuffle Sets, BB-97 has always been the least prized one. While the two other versions of Perseus offer unique performances that provide improvements in different categories, unlike L-Drago II's own alternate versions, they were never effective enough in any state of the metagame to deserve a purchase through this Set. Furthermore, AD145 and GB145, two relatively good Tracks, and RS, a top-tier Defense Bottom, can be purchased in better products, especially with Hasbro's regular release of Earth Virgo GB145BS and Grand Ketos T125/WD145RS. Gravity Perseus is overall outclassed, and GB145 only serves as a secondary alternative for an Attack combination using Flash. A Beylauncher LR is always useful however. In conclusion, this Set should only be purchased for collection purposes.


Other Versions

  • Perseus White Knight Stamina Ver. - CoroCoro Beyblade World Domination Book exclusive