Ultimate Dragoon

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Ultimate Dragoon
Ultimate Dragoon.jpg
Number: #1
System: 4-Layer
Type: Attack

Ultimate Dragoon was the first Beyblade to be released and was released in Japan in July 1999.

Name Variation

Hasbro released this product under the name Spin Dragoon.

Attack Ring (AR): Cross Dragon

  • Weight: 4 grams

Cross Dragon is circular with four rectangular projections, representing dragon heads, evenly distributed around the AR. Due to its shape and design; this AR has little use and is incredibly outclassed, having no use except for WD Attack customizations, which as a whole are not competitively viable.

Use in WD Attack Customization

Cross Dragon in a WD Attack customization. Cross Dragon barely extends beyond Wide Defense, leaving it completely exposed, allowing this customization to be quite effective at WD Attack.

IMPORTANT: Mold Variations

There are two different molds for Cross Dragon. The original mold of Cross Dragon (Ultimate Dragoon and Megaro Arm version) is very thin and fragile (prone to breaking). The newer mold of Cross Dragon (Makendo version) is much improved from the original version, in that the AR is made thicker and the width of the AR is increased. In the newer mold of Cross Dragon, reinforments have been added to the ring and to the four panels. Due to these improvements, the newer mold AR is much stronger and less likely to break, compared to the original mold. Should Cross Dragon be used, the newer mold (Makendo's Cross Dragon) should be used over the original mold AR.

Note: The Hasbro versions of Ultimate Dragoon, Megaro Arm and Makendo all have the newer mold of Cross Dragon.

Weight Disk (WD): Wide

See Wide Weight Disk.

Blade Base (BB): Flat Base

See Flat Base.

Other Versions

  • Makendo
  • Megaro Arm
  • Ultimate Dragoon - Clear ver with red wide weight disk (Fukobako 2001)
  • Ultimate Dragoon - Clear ver with blue wide weight disk (Fukobako 2001)
  • Ultimate Dragoon - Clear ver with green wide weight disk (Fukobako 2001)
  • Ultimate Dragoon - Blue plated (Random Booster 1)
  • Ultimate Dragoon - Promotion (Gold-plated)
  • Ultimate Dragoon - #14 BeyBattle Set (White with gold-plated WD)
  • Ultimate Dragoon - Coro Coro Limited Release (Black Recolor with Magne Weight Disk)



Ultimate Dragoon is useless for competitive play and all of its parts have been entirely outclassed by later releases. This Beyblade should only be bought for collection purposes.