Thermal Pisces T125ES

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Thermal Pisces T125ES
Number: BB-57
System: Hybrid Wheel System
Type: Balance

Face: Pisces

The Face depicts Pisces, the twelfth astrological sign of the Zodiac.

Clear Wheel: Pisces

  • Weight: 2.7 grams

Pisces was first released in a translucent midnight blue colour. Pisces depicts two sharks circling clockwise around each other with the head, dorsal fin, and tail of each shark breaking through a series of waves. This Clear Wheel is best combined with Screw, as its shape and slopes allow proper space to enhance Screw's own slopes and it does not get in its way for attacks, maximizing the contact areas.

Metal Wheel: Thermal

  • Weight: 30.5 grams

Thermal consists of two large wings in the shape of sharks with a small gap in between. Thermal is largely based on the Metal System Pisces, and as such, the three notches on each wing of the Wheel are representative of a shark's gills. The wings also have a noticeable slope leading up to the thicker center. However, despite this slope, Thermal generates no observable Upper Attack. In addition, even though it has relatively sharp contact points, they do not protrude far enough outward to provide any significant Smash Attack. Although Thermal’s design is mostly continuous and interrupted by only the two small gaps, but it has only moderate Stamina qualities at best, and is outclassed by multiple Stamina Wheels such as even Earth and Burn.

Use in Stamina Customization

Thermal can be used in the Stamina Customization: Thermal Bull AD145WD.

Track: Tornado 125

Weight: 1.7 gram Full Width: 24.5 mm Minimum Width: 17 mm Full Height: 12.50 mm

T125 has four upward-facing wing protrusions spaced apart widely. The Track is designed to work in a similar way to DF145, although this effect of downward force it produces is highly negligible. The performance of this Track is similar to D125, and as a height, is generally overshadowed by CH120.

Use in Attack Customization

Although CH120 is considerably more versatile than T125, T125 can still be used to a moderate degree of effectiveness in MF Gravity Perseus T125R²F (Attack Version, Counter Mode). Metal Wheels that were released subsequently to Gravity and that do better in Attack, like VariAres and Blitz, can also fit well with T125 and other 125 Tracks, however the combination of Gravity and T125 is notable because Gravity cannot perform as well at any other height.

Bottom: Eternal Sharp

Weight: 1.0 gram Full Width: 15.78 mm Tip Width: 5.04 mm Full Height: 10.63 mm Tip Height: 8.42 mm Tip Angle: 35°

Eternal Sharp features a free-spinning tip attached to a metal shaft which is held by the Bottom. This part was one of the most heavily anticipated parts in the MFB lineup when first announced, but ES is actually a hugely disappointing part in terms of performance.

Firstly, ES lacks a metal bearing, which would significantly reduce the friction between the free-spinning tip and the rest of the Bottom. All of the best free-spinning tips, notably Bearing Core, had NSK Shield Bearings which allowed unhindered spin.

Secondly, the tip shape of ES is not conducive to optimum Stamina; the sharp nature of the Bottom means it is easily destabilized. Consequently, as all Sharp tips do, Eternal Sharp also has trouble regaining balance, hence making this a poor choice for Stamina. That said, ES still remains superior to BS and S as a Stamina Bottom.

Other Versions

Burn Pisces ED145WF
Pisces Exclusive WBBA Color Ver.
  • Burn Pisces ED145WF - Five Star Combo, CoroCoro Campaign (Clear white Pisces, golden Burn)
  • Killer/Evil Pisces ED145WD - Hasbro Spiral Blitz Faceoff Set (Blue)
  • A salmon-colored Pisces Clear Wheel was given as a third-place prize in WBBA tournaments in 2011. It came with a bronze and black WBBA Face.


Thermal Pisces T125ES

Burn Pisces ED145WF


Thermal Pisces T125ES lacks any worthwhile parts, save for Pisces due to its harmony with Flash and Screw. There is little reason to own this Beyblade outside of collection purposes.